Bengali wedding
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Bewitching would be the word fir for a Bengali wedding. The playing of the Shehnai and the way conch shell is blown all seems to allure people for huge gathering for celebration of the union between a man and a women in Bengali culture.

Bor jatri

It’s the name given to the modern day baraat. The groom and all his friends and family put on their best attire and head to the venue of marriage where the bride and the gathering from her sight are waiting for them.

Bor boron

Once they arrive at the venue of marriage, they are welcomed by the mother of the bride with an earthen lamp and kula. Kula is the local name for husked rice which is put on a bamboo.

As the guests enter they are served cold drinks, sweets and snacks.

Potty Bastra

The wedding canopy is called by the name of chadnatoola and groom is asked to take his place there with the priest. the groom is gifted new clothing by the person who performs sampradaan from bride`s side.

Saat paak

An interesting ceremony in which the brother s of the bride raise the wooden seat called pidi on which she is sitting and take seven rounds around the groom.

Mala badal

Still sitting high on the pidi held by her brothers, the bride and the groom exchange floral garlands.

Subho drishti

After the exchanging of these garlands both are allowed to glance at each other fro tee first time in front of all the social invitees.


A ceremony perfumed by an elder male from the bride`s family. He gives her hand into groom’s hand and these are tied together as Vedic hymns are being recited.


Taking Agni, the god of fire, as the witness the bride and the groom chant mantra after the priest while sitting in front of the Havan kund.

Saat paak

Once again, seven circlets are taken but this time by both of them together in order to solemnize the marriage.


An offering of khoi (puffed rice) is given to the holy fire by both the bride and the groom.

Sindoor Daan

After this the groom puts vermilion or Sindoor in the hair parting of the bride.


After Sindoor Daan, the groom covers bride’s head with a sari.

Subho drishti and Anjali are some of the standard rituals to a Bengali wedding.