Bengali wedding rituals
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Bengali weddings are no short on rituals and traditions. Each ceremony is full of intricate details. The Bengali weddingrituals are very elaborative.

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Bor Jatri

Also simply called as Baraat , on the day of the wedding the groom and his gathering get dressed in their best attire and head towards the venue of marriage where the bride and her gathering is waiting for their arrival.


As the baraat reaches to the venue of marriage, the mother of the bride welcomes the groom by performing aarti with the earthen lamp. The gathering from the groom’s side is offered sweets, snacks and drinks.

Pottu Bastra

The groom is asked to take seat at the chadnatoola, which is the wedding canopy. Only the bride, groom and the priest can sit under this canopy. the groom is then gifted new clothing by a person who is to perform Sampradaan from the bride`s side.

Saat paak

While her face is covered with Pan –patra held by her hands, the pidi on which the bride is seated is raised by her brothers and they perform seven circlets around the groom.

Mala Badal

They both exchange the floral garlands three times with each other in acceptance to taking each other for life.

Subho Drishti

One of the characteristic Bengali wedding rituals is Subho Drishti .This is the first instant where the couple is allowed to glance at each other lovingly. This is done in presence of the entire social gathering.


This is preformed by an elder male member from bride`s family. As priest recites holy mantra, that person gives her hand into the groom’s hand.


As the priest recites Vedic mantras, the bride and the groom take seat in front of the Havan kund. Taking Agni, the God of fire, as witness they accept each other as married.

Saat paak

The groom and the bride perform Satapadi or Saat pheras around the Havan kund which solemnizes their marriage.


Offering of puffed rice (kula) is made to the holy fire by the bride and groom as he holds her arms from behind.

Sindoor Daan

In the hair partition of the bride, the groom puts Sindoor or vermilion

In the end, the groom keeps a sari on her head which he had bought for her.