Arya Samaj wedding
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An interesting observation of Arya Samaj wedding is that the couple does not need to bow in front of any deity in particular. This is because in Arya Samaj there is no particular God that they worship. They are followers of Vedas and believe in Nirguna or formless Brahma i.e. fire. Therefore the fire and other elements of earth and above form of the witness for this form of marriage.

Arya Samaj marriages have very simple ceremonies which include series of Havanas and Prayers. The wedding is performed as per Arya Wedding Act XIX of 1937.

The people of Arya Samaj do not have explicit rules for match-making. Neither is this community caste specific. Usually people who get married as per an Arya Samaj way are lovers. These types of marriages suit best to individual belonging to different caste or ethnicity. These weddings have simple but elaborated rituals.

Pre-wedding rituals

These include Shuddi –purification of self; Mehendi –where the hands and feet of the bride are decorated with henna designs; Brahmabhoj- special rituals in which sixteen Brahmin are invited for lunch; phoolon ka Gehna – an optional ceremony; Choodha and Nath ceremony- bride is adorned with ivory red bangles bought by her maternal uncle. Nath being a nose ornament made of pearls.

Wedding Rituals  

There are some interesting wedding rituals in Arya Samaj Wedding. These include Varmalaya ki Kriya – which is exchanging of garlands by the couple; Swagat Vidhi – the groom is welcomed with flower showers; Madhupark se Satkaar – an interesting way of greeting the groom. The bride prepares a sweet mixture of ghee, honey and curd for the groom.

Then follow the rituals of Thread ceremony, Godan, Vishesh Havana, Pratigya Mantra where the groom hold the bride’s hand and takes six vows. Then Parkarma and Sindoor Daan are performed.

Post marriage rituals include Dhruv Darshan and Suryanamaskar.