Groom accessories: all a groom can adorn himself with
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It would be wrong to make brides as the sole amalgamative element of importance.

The groom can give a good competition to their brides when he comes to accessorizing himself with groom accessories. There are opulent options available in the market for groom accessories. All one needs to decide is what would be best suited for their style of clothing.

There are traditional as well as the au courant groom accessories. Some like to mix and match to create a stylish innovative look. Others like to stay at the border. Lets us talk about these accessories one by one.

Let’s start from the head. Most of the Asian wedding we can see grooms wearing a form of Pagri. It is usually made of gharchota or chunri and is bright and colorful. Sehra is used to decorate this Pagri and is made of very light golden threads and beads.

The groom can feel monarchal by wearing Kantha. It is a necklace made of beads and pearls. A Motimala worn with an antique pendant looks equally distinctive. The groom can carry knives or swords that once belonged to their ancestors. You may also get one from a good groom’s store. Carrying a sword or a knife gives a great appeal of aristrocacrcy and prestige.

Next is the Kamar Patta worn around the waist. It is a beautiful hand crafted accessory. Even footwear provides equal traditional appeals. For example, Mojuis is a traditional groom footwear popular which Jodhpuri people. It couples really well with the Sherwani.

Apart form the traditional groom accessories we have dernier cri additonals. These include brooches, cufflinks, cravats and cummer bunds. There is huge variety of cuff links observed in the market. You can get them of exact color as your wedding dress. You may even complement your wear with brooches and cufflinks studded with semi-precious gems. Silk socks and handkerchief would complete the list of groom accessories.