Ways To Plan An Anniversary Celebration

Anniversary CelebrationLike we all know, with times moving, marriage starts losing its charisma. Wedding day anniversary is one such occasion where we want to re-visit that romantic phase of life. There is a desire to do something new, and here is where our imagination gets frozen. Let me take it forth, with a few lovely celebration ideas.

Ways To Celebrate An Anniversary

Wish Each Other – The Special Ways

A very small, but important thing that we lost over this unsettled life is that propensity of love we had earlier. But, the intensity of course has grown, so bear this affection in your actions on this day. Talk about good things and times of togetherness. If you have been experiencing any differences lately, keep them all aside and be good to your spouse.

Let your gestures speak your feelings on your wedding anniversary. Do wish each other in a special way. A simple kiss of love, a card, or maybe a creative piece of paper wishing with aesthetically formed words, can instigate that cheerful celebration mood.

Know Your Places Of Love

Think of a few places you have visited together before wedding, definitely a few of them are very dear in your memories.

Places Of Love

Bounce back to the places that you have not visited for a while. If it fits your schedule and budget, then visiting the honeymoon location can be a great thought to celebrate the special day.

Happiness Of Togetherness

Party or go picnic, the way you both enjoy together the most. My idea of a beautiful time is an indulgent night at home. I like to sit with husband with good food, good drinks, lot of music and staying up till late with small talks and watching movies.

Likewise each couple has its own concept of enjoying and celebrating. Some like to go out dining, some want to have a bash with friends and family, and some like watching a movie together in theater. If you want to keep it voguish, then plan a romantic night out or have a family barbeque party.

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The Gifts

Any special day is incomplete without a cake and a lovely gift, gifted with a lot of love. Trivial or valuable, what makes a gift important is your sentiment, with which it was purchased, i.e. to make you feel special.

The Gifts

An ideal and close to heart gift can also be something that is created out of your favorite hobby. You can write a poem, paint something, make a collection of a few good songs that both of you like, find a nice photo of you together and have it printed on a mug or a T-Shirt.

The Night

Last and definitely not the least, is the anniversary night. Like your wedding day night, which was eagerly awaited and special, anniversary night has to be distinctive too. You can change up your bedroom to look like an exquisite and comfortable suite, use dimming lights and good fragrances. Hint your mood, flirt and throw teasers to your spouse and re-kindle the enduring romance in your marriage.

Anniversary is the time to explore the ardent love for each other, so it is worth celebrating, entertaining and holding each others’ attention.

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