Water Aerobics for High Endurance and Fitness

Fighting obesity and overweight problems is possible with water workout and water exercises. We all know about aerobics and walking for weight loss. Now, you can combine aerobics and walking but lose weight without much sweat. Aquatic aerobics and water walking can help to fight obesity.

Merely walking in the recreational warm pool for 45 minutes per day can help you lose many pounds in a month. You will need minimal accessories for water aerobics. These include a swimwear, swimming goggles and a swimming cap for protecting your hair and ears.

Losing Weight with Water Aerobics

Many swimming pools, gym with pool facility or health clubs with swimming lanes offer free water aerobics lessons for their members. Usually, such water workout classes are a part of your membership fee. Hence, there is no need to pay any extra fee for the water aerobics lessons.

The health clubs and gyms provide the members with water weights and other swimming aids needed for the water aerobics lessons. The instructor guides the members with various movements and exercises. Apart from losing weight with water aerobics, these water exercises are highly beneficial for people suffering from arthritis, backache, obesity and joint pains.

Certain low intensity water walking and aerobics are ideal for seniors, people suffering with muscle and joint aches and, those who have other health problems. You can even practice the tai chi exercise moves in the recreational pool. Resistance in water requires more effort but does not harm your knees and joints. Hence, you can burn double the amount of calories than merely walking on the road or in parks.

Health Benefits of Water Aerobics

Walking in water needs more effort but does not stress your knees and joints. Hence, you get a good workout and lose weight without hurting your muscles. Using water weights and other swimming aids gives you a full body workout. Since you breathe faster while you walk or run, the same happens when you perform water aerobics.

Breathing faster keeps your cardiovascular system in good health. Water aerobics are ideal form of exercise for all ages and health conditions. You can consult your physician before beginning such exercises. The physician will be able to analyze your reports and suggest the best water exercises for your body.

Water Aerobics Therapeutic and Appetite

Water aerobics is perfect therapeutic workout for increasing body flexibility, endurance and appetite. You need to use your whole body for water aerobics and water workout exercises. This includes moving your arms, legs, toes, and gives you a good abs workout too. This increases your appetite and hunger. You can also beat the sweet cravings and focus on a healthy meal.

You realize that during water aerobics, your body feels weightless within water. Hence, despite of a greater effort, your muscles do not strain. It is better than performing land exercise workouts, especially if you are still recovering from surgery or suffering from arthritis or of senior age.

Water aerobics are best suited for non-swimmers too. Since you do water exercises in low depth pool that has a maximum depth of four feet, there is no fear of drowning. Water exercises are beneficial for your health, go ahead and join water aerobics for better fitness and body endurance.

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