Vitamin B5: Deficiency
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The deficiency of vitamin B5 causes many diseases and generally the body is affected with weakness. The cramping of muscles and insomnia are quite commonly seen in patients with Vitamin B5 deficiency. It promotes the health of the nervous system, and also hair, eyes, mouth, liver, and skins. It acts as anti-stress agent and enhances the activity of the immune system to improve the ability of the body to withstand in a stressful condition.

Vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid is found in both animals and plants. It plays a crucial role in some metabolic reactions particularly in conversion of carbohydrates in to glucose. Vitamins are helpful for converting carbohydrates to glucose, which is the main source of energy. Now we shall discuss in which way it benefits human beings; when vitamin B5 has decreased levels in the body, we have diarrhea or vomiting that start weakening the body and there could be a sensation of tingling or infection for even a small reasons.

The fatigue is come from deficiency of vitamins and kwashiorkor is also associated generally for deficiency of vitamin B5. We have vitamin B5 as supplements in many forms in different situations. Anyhow, it is necessary compound for the human body. The compound has been used in laboratories and in pharmacies to evaluate its best possible actions on the body and hence is also used in various medical products. The burning and pain felt in feet or myalgia can also occur for the deficiency of vitamin B5, especially when an individual consumes less Vitamin B5 in the form of daily diet.

Depression, problem of heart, risk of increasing infections, disturbance of sleeping, pain of abdomen, legs and arms pain, weakness of muscles, an increase in cholesterol in blood and decreased utilization of insulin at peripheral tissues and disturbed hormone levels are come from the deficiency of vitamin B5.