Vitamin B12 Deficiency
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itamin B12 is also necessary for human body. If we did not get it in sufficient amount, we will get some diseases and problems this is called as deficiency of this system. This deficiency will occur because of reduction in vitamin B12 from inadequate diet in taking of food or impaired absorption.

This condition is naturally a symptomatic, but can also present as in the name of anemia. Because of this, we will get the enlarged blood corpuscles in our blood. This disease is called as megaloblastic anemia. Anyhow, this is also a serious deficiency for us. We can loss our potentiality and could get the damage to nervous system. Then there will be much more problems for us like degeneration of spinal cord.

Due to the anemia, there is a big problem in the synthesis of DNA and in the synthesis of thymine. This thymine is mostly dependent on MTR reaction products. Some times white blood cells will also be affected with platelets in low amount of percentage so that we can cure this anemia by intake of adequate vitamin B12. We will have this vitamin in meat also so if we take meat free diet daily we could get the brain shrinkage. The lack of cobalamin we will get the deficiency in elders so that it will causes as malabsorption syndrome and pemicious anemia at most of the elder people so that they should take care of their diet in the case of these vitamin types.

We should also review the management strategies and diagnostic for the deficiency of this vitamin B12. The main and serious problem in this deficiency is loss of potential in the elder patients at their clinical reports. Deficiency of cobalamin definition means lack of two types of components named as homocysteine and metylmelonic these two are require for the human body if these are not in sufficient way then the cibalamin deficiency will occur. This type deficiency is also known as the deficiency of vitamin B12. So that any one should maintain this vitamin in sufficient amount then only anybody can escape from this deficiency.