Velocity Micro Cruz T408 Review And Price

The war among the tablets in the 2011 can be expressed with the help of two fronts. On one hand, there was the heavy budget devices equipped with unparalleled and ambitious creations while, on the other hand, there was the budget minded tablet producers desperately trying to come up with cheaper alternatives.

Velocity Micro Cruz T408 Review

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The all new Velocity Micro Cruz T408 belongs to the latter group. Last year Velocity Micro released as much as six inexpensive tablets. The range of products varies from the Cruz R100 with a resistive touchscreen and $ 119 price tag to the Cruz T410 with a 10 inch display screen costing $ 299.

Features Of Velocity Micro Cruz T408

Whether you have accepted the Velocity Micro Cruz T408 as an e-book or an Android tablet, as far as the Cruz tablets are concerned, it is quite common to receive a device with cheap inbuilt hardware components compensated by heavily modified version of Android software packages. Though the applications are quite sophisticated, but you are definitely going to miss the official Google formalities, such as Google Books, Android Market, Gmap, Gmail and Navigation.

Velocity Micro Cruz T4082 Features

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The vacuum created by such software deficiency is filled by several pre-installed alternative applications like Android’s Amazon Appstore, Amazon Kindle, Quickoffice and Angry Birds. Unlike the iPad or Kindle Fire, you will have to go through several account configurations to sign in.

The end product is a tablet with many customizable options and cheaper hardware that set the overall price of the device far below the price range of high end tablets. The Velocity Micro Cruz T408 also boasts of 4 GB internal storage and 800 x 600 pixels of maximum resolution.


Navigation in Velocity Micro Cruz T408 is very responsive and smooth and with the introduction of the File Manager icon on the home screen, it has really become easier and quicker to locate the media files that you load into the device.

Velocity Micro Cruz T4082 Battery

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The single core processor, clocked at 1 GHz, is definitely going to offer a smooth gaming experience. Whatever be the positives you simply cannot ignore the fact that the screen is lousier than most of the other rival tablets.


Out of 4 GB of internal storage capacity of Velocity Micro Cruz T408 only 2.5 GB can be used, while the rest of the space is reserved for system purpose. Considering the short battery life and brick like design it is really hard to recommend the device to any consumer.

Velocity Micro Cruz T4082

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The impression of innovative software updates is marred by poor screen quality with only 800 x 600 pixels resolution and poor viewing angles and pixel density. With blurry display and inadequate brightness, it can barely be compared with the Kindle Fire or the Nook Tablet possessing IPS panels.

Battery Life

The battery performance of the Velocity Micro Cruz T408 is not at all a positive point for the device. Though the company do not provide an estimated rating for its battery life, but you are bound to spend maximum time charging the tablet than using it. With full brightness and animated home-screen, the battery will last for 4.6 hours only.

Velocity Micro Cruz T408 Price

The Velocity Micro Cruz T408 is priced at $ 198.

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