Vegetarian Dog Food

With vegetarianism on the rise, people are looking to feeding their dogs vegetarian foods as well. Some dogs with meat allergies too need to stick to a vegetarian diet. However if one needs to design a diet for dogs that is devoid of meat products and consists only vegetarian foods then it is important to take into account the nutritional requirements of the dog and the foods that can balance its diet appropriately.

Fortunately dogs are omnivorous and unlike cats that are strictly carnivorous, they can survive quite well with vegetarian food. However exclusion of meat in the diet means that there is less protein in the diet. Vegetarian protein sources like rapeseed, soybean and canola needs to be included in the dog’s diet to make up for the lack of proteins from meat.

In addition to this the diet needs to be supplemented well with vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids. Along with this an inclusion of appropriate amounts of dietary fiber is absolutely essential. This will ensure that the dog does not suffer from any nutritional deficiencies and stays healthy and fit.

While there are a number of vegetarian commercial dog foods available in the market, it is best to stick to natural wholesome homemade food. A simple vegetarian recipe that you can make at home using oatmeal, wheat bran, soy milk, wheat germ, flax seeds and sunflower seeds can help your dog stay hale and hearty. Mix these ingredients and soak them in hot water. Grind them together and serve it to your dog.

In addition to this you can make a healthy vegetable stew for your dog by mixing eggplants, potatoes, zucchini, yellow squash and sweet pepper. Heat some oil in a pan and add one crushed garlic to the pan. Add the vegetables, some basil and water to the pan. Cook the vegetables till they are done and then add salt and pepper. Allow it to cool before serving the stew to your dog.

A simple vegetarian food that you can cook in minutes is made by adding cooked rice to a pan with hot oil and then adding soy sauce and sesame seed sauce to it. Stir this rice treat for some time and then take off heat. Let it cool before serving the tasty rice treat to your dog.

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