Chaturwidh Chikitsa (Four Types Of Treatment)
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Types of Treatment


Chaturwidh Chikitsa (Four Types Of Treatment)

It includes four parts. These are

    • Sanshodhan chikitsa
    • Snashman chikitsa
    • Aahar chikitsa
    • Aachar chikitsa

In sanshodhan the vitiated doshas are expelled out of the body. It is performed in patient who has strength to bear this treatment. In sanshman the aggravated doshas are being suppressed at its place and is usually done in patient who has low strength and are soft. Aachar chikitsa is basically a psychological treatment in which the patient is treated by making him indulge in social and religious activities. The last one is aahar chikitsa that refers to maintaining his diet according to the doshas he is being suffering from.







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