Treatment And Diet For Breast Cancer

We have often seen women who had undergone elimination of one of their breasts to expel out spreading of breast cancer. Breast cancer is one of the menaces that affect female health majorly, knocking down one in every 8 to 10 women all over the world.

Breast cancer is quite a traumatizing disease in women owing out of certain known and well as unknown information’s. The very idea of getting a beast removed surgically frightens a majority of women.

The most disappointing thing to know is that there is no one cause that can result in breast cancer, but an assumption on certain factors can be made that are the probable causes of this disease. This makes it even more difficult to identify it in time. Still, some of the doctor recommended home tests need to be undergone to ascertain if there is any chance of breast cancer or if the woman is perfectly all right.

Self examination of breast cancer

The self examination of the breasts to detect any possible threats of breast cancer should be begun as early as 20 years of age. The aim of test is not to arouse trauma and anxiety among women but to make them aware of the disease and the available treatments to combat it.

Step one

Stand in front of a mirror with a bare upper torso. Examine visually and in sufficient light if you can see any sort of discoloration of the breast skin, any deformity or discoloration in the nipples or any visual evidence of any suspicious swelling, lump, or reddening.  Also see if you can observe any sudden change in breast shape or formation.

Step two

This time you have to be more critical and analytical while examining your breasts. Slowly raise both of your hands overhead. As you raise your hands, try to find out if you notice any lumpy growth or any striking feature that is quite unnatural.

Step three

Put one of your hands over your shoulders while start examining your breast with the other hand. The process should be like examining your right beast with your left palm while your right hand is held over he shoulders. In the process, squeeze your nipples to see if there is any suspicious discharge from the nipples.

Step four

While carrying out this test, wet your breasts with water and then apply soap on to them. Now the best will be if you could lie down on a flat floor with one arm above the head. Rotate the fingers of your other arm in such a way that it gesticulate a massage regime. Concentrate on to the entire area from your collar bones to a little above your upper abdominal area. Your concern in the whole while will be to notice if you can detect any lump or accumulation inside your breasts.

Various treatments for breast cancer

Once a woman is detected with breast cancer, doctors undergo various tests, which are based either on the condition of the patient, the severity of the cancer and the age of the patient.


This is the most common and well heard term that is implied in the treatment of beast cancer. This is the medical process when the breasts are exposed to a specific form of X-ray to detect the formation of any lumps, tumors or suspicious growth inside the breasts.

This test is the most popular because it is a convenient method where the patient can have her breasts examined one by one, and also in a short duration. Together with this, it is a specially recommended test for women with advanced stages of breast cancer as well as the preliminary stages.

Special ultrasound for breasts

Doctors find it difficult to investigate the breasts of young women who are suspected with breast cancer, using the conventional mammography. Actually the breast tissues of young women are denser than the matured ladies. Thus this dense flesh accumulation around the cancerous tumors and lumps obstruct a clear view. But an ultrasonography would conveniently detect the possibilities of even an early symptom of breast cancer.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI

This is a test recommended commonly by many doctors to detect many diseases. It provides a clearer, three dimensional image of the suspected growth. This is a much surer  test when all other tests fail to detect the minutest of carcinogenic growth in the breasts.

Diet that are recommended for breast cancer patients

The best way to prevent breast cancer is to have a balanced and healthy diet that would comprise of all the essential nutrients and minerals required for our body. Instead to stressing more on food supplements, insist on natural sources of these nutrients.

Protein diet

While suffering from breast cancer, the patient has to undergo the harsh blows of several medical treatments like chemotherapy, rays and radiations and surgery. Thus it is crucial to provide more and more protein in their regular diet in the firm of red meat, eggs, pulses, lentils, butter, peanuts, yogurt etc.

Vitamins in diet

There should be a generous amount of vitamins as well in the diet to provide the vital energy to heal from the side effects of the treatment. Rich sources of vitamin can be obtained from fresh fruits, green vegetables, etc.

Calcium rich food

Calcium is a must in the diet, as calcium helps to accentuate the weakened immunity of the patient. Any sort of dairy product is rich in calcium. So consume as much as milk, yogurt, cheese, butter, curd etc. as you can consume, regularly. Along with these diary products, fishes and sea food also are rich sources of calcium. So consume as much as tuna, salmon, mackerel, as possible.

Need for dietary fibers

Dietary fibers are also very important for post surgical patients of beast cancer. Rich sources of dietary fibers are fruits and vegetables along with cereals, legumes etc.

Alcohol and cigarette restrictions

Restrict totally from consumption of alcohol and also quit smoking. Alcohol is never recommended at any stage breast cancer while smoking is the root to many forms of cancer.

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