Tourist Attractions In Kanchanaburi

Cuddled up in the picturesque limestone hills of Western Thailand is Kanchanaburi. It’s a small town with many tourist attractions – mostly natural and some man-made.

Tourist Attractions In Kanchanaburi

War Memorials

Kanchanaburi’s tranquil countryside had become a fierce battlefield during the World War II. Relics of those terrible battles are now enshrined in various memorials. They aren’t impressive to look at but the horrible stories associated with them incite our curiosity.

Attractions In Kanchanaburi

Notable monuments are the Death Railway, Death War Museum, WWII Museum, Allied War Cemetery and – of course – the Bridge on the River Kwai immortalized by David Lean in his 1957 classic that won seven Oscars.

It took nearly two years to build the legendary Bridge causing death of 26,000 allied prisoners of war and 90,000 Thai and Indonesian laborers. It was rebuilt after the War ended and it’s still being used.

Places of Worship

Some 15 km from the town center are two monasteries perched on a hill. The Little Cave Monastery is an intricately designed Chinese-style pagoda. Next to it is the larger Tiger Cave Monastery with an 18m-tall Buddha with gold plating.

There are some cave temples on the town’s outskirts which you can reach either walking or on a bicycle. The narrow and winding path is often lined with stone sculptures of Buddha in different poses surrounded by flowers – offerings from devotees – in different stages of decay.

Kanchanaburi attractions

The Kao Pun Wat is such a cave where images of Hindu gods and Buddha are kept in different rooms.

The Tiger Temple doubles up as a refuge for wounded animals including tigers. It has now 17 big cats. During visiting hours monks take leashed full-grown tigers around and – for a fee of course – allow tourists take photographs cuddling huge beasts.

The Monkey School

There is even a Monkey School where some monkeys and a gibbon have been trained to harvest coconut, play basketball and dive in nearby ponds.

places to visit in  Kanchanaburi

You will find this bizarre school on your way to Kao Pun Wat temple.

Wildlife Sanctuary 

The Erawan Park is a sprawling wildlife sanctuary where you can see elephants, gibbons, Siamese hare, flying squirrels, eagles, king cobras and pythons.

Erawan Park

Other attractions are the 7-tired waterfall and the Pra That Cave. UNESCO gave this Park the status of a World Heritage Site.

Bountiful Natural Beauty

Kanchanaburi’s perennial attraction is the abundance of its natural beauty that attracts all nature-loving people, adventurers, romantics and couples irrespective of their age.

Kanchanaburi’s perennial attraction

It’s a place of amazing landscapes of virgin forests, gorgeous waterfalls and streams meandering through pristine green valleys. Staying in a floating villa on the emerald green waters of the River Kwai enhances a couple’s romantic quotient. No wonder this enchanting little town has become a great honeymoon destination.

The Bustling Town

Although small and fairly quiet and relaxing, the areas outside the Town Hall and the river bank bustle with activities. It’s a great pleasure to eat tender freshwater fish on a floating restaurant while watching ferries laden with farmers – and often with their bicycles – landing at the shore.

Enchanting Kanchanaburi

There is also a wild party scene on the River. Two big double-storey rafts float in tandem – one serving as a restaurant and the other as a disco floor. An evening spent here is hugely enjoyable provided you like loud music. 

Enchanting Kanchanaburi

Come to this enchanting romantic getaway and have a wonderful holiday

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