Tourist Attractions in Iceland’s Idyllic Landscapes

Traveling has always been quite an exciting and fun recreational activity that people love to do. However, you do need to look into considerations like the budget and other formalities, but one of the challenges is to pick the right destination among the innumerable options available around the globe.

Once you do that, the rest can take an easy and convenient path to give you a memorable experience. For those who are looking for a destination that is unique in its own way, then Iceland is one of the top notch options to consider.

It has idyllic landscapes and scenic beauty that will give you serenity and peace. It is one of those places that call for a relaxed holiday away from the hustle bustle of city life. To know about the top tourist attractions here, check this travel itinerary below: –

Tourist Attractions in Iceland’s Idyllic Landscapes

The Blue Lagoon

One of the top tourist attractions in Iceland is the Blue Lagoon. This body of water is one of the supernatural ones in the world. There are quite a few places in the water body where the temperature of the water is about 40 degree Celsius and people can easily consider swimming.

The Blue Lagoon in Iceland's Idyllic Landscapes

The high levels of minerals in the water give it curative powers. However, the belief that it is a natural one is not true. The lagoon is man made and surrounded by mesmerizing lava fields and black sand beaches. The water in the lagoon also has minerals for relaxation and exfoliating and balances the body and rejuvenates the skin.

The West Fjords

For those who are looking for a collection of beautiful and memorable landscapes, should not miss out on The West Fjords when in Iceland. The spectacular view of the chain of mountains is something that will be etched in the mind forever.

The West Fjords in Iceland

It is about 13 millions years old and made from rhyolite and basalt. The mountains are made of glaciers and offer a more than perfect scenic beauty. The Hornstrandir nature reserve, located in the northern edge of the place offer enriched vegetation. The Dynjandy waterfall and town of Vigur also known as bird’s paradise are some added advantages of the West Fjords.

Thorsmork Nature Reserve

Though Iceland is full of natural reserves, Thorsmork is one of the most famous ones as a tourist attraction. It is more of a valley with breath taking and memorable landscapes all around.

Thorsmork Nature Reserve Iceland

The straight canyons, the colorful flowers and the round fields are some of the reasons why you would want to explore this place. The three glacier peaks surrounds the place completely and you can easily view winding roads from these peaks. The enriched vegetation of the place also makes it an all time favorite for tourists.

The Waterfalls of Iceland

There are several waterfalls all over Iceland and ones that holds significant importance where the attraction of idyllic landscapes is concerned. Selijalandsfoss is one of the top ones which should be explored.

Seljalandsfoss waterfall Iceland

It is called the natural beauty of Iceland by various photographers from around the globe. The picturesque of the place will take you off your feet! Another of the waterfalls of Iceland, Godafoss is also quite an attraction for the tourists. Also known as the waterfall of the gods it offers quite a spectacular view. Gjain and Dettifoss can also be checked out.

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