Top Romantic Destinations Worldwide

Top romantic destinations are ideal for those whose romance often gets lost in the daily chores of life. The daily pressure of work and family life can become a burden and you need to unwind a little bit to keep the energy level high. In such condition you may often want to know which the hottest romantic destinations are.

Here are ten great romantic destinations. But do not rank them because each of them has its own attractions and some people may find one more interesting than the other.

Best Romantic Destinations In World

Las Vegas

There is no doubt that it is one of the favorite romantic destinations. People throng here for their weddings and honeymoon.

Top Romantic Destinations Worldwide

The entertainment capital of the world attracts thousands of couples to its numerous world class hotels, throbbing nightlife and of course the world famous casinos.


This is the original destination for enjoying nightlife and its fame has grown over the centuries. You can simply walk down the beautiful sidewalks, hand in hand, and stop by for some coffee at any of the quaint little cafes; visit some of the world famous art-works at Louvre and other museums or simply laze down the Siene River on a cruise during the sunset.

This city is no doubt the romantic capital of the world and attracts couples of every age from almost all the countries. For a glimpse of this great city have a bird’s eye view from the top of the Eiffel Tower. The food is equally tempting with the city having some of the best patisseries in the world and of course who can forget the inimitable French wine?


Europe has its old world charm and that often ignites the classical feel of romance. To linger onto this classical feel of romance make a trip to Tuscany, Italy.

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It is house to some of the famous Tuscan wines and the old world charm with its lush slopes and the castles and vineyards where you can also participate in wine making. All you will have to do is to stay on a Tuscan farm and both of you can share the jobs while experiencing the traditional way of life. You can also choose to live in a villa or a castle nestled high above the Tuscan hills and mountains.


Just laze on a gondola and listen to the songs of the gondoliers while you float around one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Start your day with the warm Venetian sun rising to greet you; then visit some of the greatest works of art and wait for the beautiful Adriatic sunset. Walk up and down the brick lanes or just stand atop the bridges and watch the gondolas go by. Slip into any of the many restaurants by the canals to taste some great and traditional Italian food accompanies by Italian wines. The city will surely bring out the lover in you.


The south pacific islands are just another name for romance. These legendary islands house one called Tahiti and to some this is something just a little less than being in paradise. It is not only the majestic beaches that are the main attractions of this destination, there are wonderful, green mountains from which sparkling waterfalls gush out to form crystal clear streams that wind across the island to meet the sea.

Top 10 Romantic Destinations

You can just laze around in the sun or enjoy the variety of water sports. There is nothing like living in a thatch roofed bungalow right above the water of the turquoise lagoons. Finally, the magical sunsets will truly set the stage for some romantic moments in the evening.


This is another legendary destination for having some great romantic moments together. There are numerous islands in this emerald archipelago and none can be said to have any attraction lesser than the other. There are even some great secluded islands where no one will disturb you and you can have the greatest time together. Hawaii has some of the world’s legendary beaches, some really green forests and best hotels. The options of water sports are numerous and you will find that no moment had gone waste in this tropical paradise.

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These islands are so small that you will find it difficult to spot them on a world map. But they are some of the most beautiful romantic destinations in the world.

world's top romantic destinations

Seychelles is situated on the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa. It is home to beautiful turquoise water and beaches and a great honeymoon destination. You will never regret a visit to these islands.


Santorini is the most famous of the Greek islands and an ideal destination for the romantically involved. The whitewashed buildings with their blue roofs make the ideal setting for some leisurely romantic strolls up and down the roads. The restaurants perched on the top of the mountains not only serve delicious food, they also provide stunning views of the Agean Sea. The Perissa and Kamari beaches have black volcanic sand and there are some volcanic hot springs which you can access only by boat.

Swiss Alps

This is another of the great romantic destinations of the world. Unlike the warmth of the beaches of Hawaii and Greece, the magnificent Alps provide some fun-time on its snow clad slopes.

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Enjoy winter sports together or simply laze around among the beautiful alpine villages that Switzerland is famous for. It is often called the Honeymooners’ Paradise and people do not ever oppose the opinion.


This Indian city will weave a fantasy of the exotic kind as you can relieve the romances of the Indian princes and princesses. The city boasts of some of the great Indian palaces and you can choose any of them to stay and get pampered in the truly Indian hospitality. There is no better place to have a great Oriental experience that will feel nothing lesser than a fantasy world.

These are just ten of the hundred of romantic destinations spread around the world. Some are exotic while some are seats of classical music and art while others are simply famous for there glamorous nightlife. All you need to do is to find the destination that you think will suit you and fly to it.

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