Top Home Remedies For Insomnia

InsomniaAmong the various health problems, there are many that physically affect the being of a person and yet others that have a psychological effect. Among the various problems we can categorize under the latter, one of the very prevalent and common problems is that of insomnia which can also be termed as sleeplessness.

However, it is not one serious problem that needs medications and drugs, also because these treatments have some side effects of their own. It is always an ideal substitute if you adhere to home remedies or we know as grandma’s recipe that are safe, simple, easy, reasonable as well as highly effectual on the problem.

This list below mentions all the well researched home remedies and cures for treating insomnia in the perfect manner-

Home Remedies For Insomnia

Yogurt Wonders


A simple home remedy to treat insomnia is to have 2-3 cups of organic yogurt everyday. This is a cure straight from the kitchen racks that will give you instant and visible outcomes for sleeplessness. It is also a reasonable way to treat the problem.

Warm Milk and Honey Combo

Another effectual home remedy that you can really use to your advantage where insomnia and restlessness is concerned is to have a cup of warm milk with honey. For maximum results make sure that you have this recipe before hitting the bed every night.

Honey and Celery Mix

Fresh celery leaves and stalks and a teaspoon of organic honey is a great mix that can be taken everyday if you are someone who suffers from insomnia on a regular basis.


Having it each day with give you the perfect home remedy for the crisis and lead to sound and good sleep.

Fenugreek Juice and Honey

Make some fresh juice out of fenugreek leaves and add a teaspoon of good quality honey to it before consuming. The juice should be have only in the quantity of 2 teaspoon and taken just before going off to sleep. Within a week’s time you will realize the benefits of this home remedy where treatment of insomnia is concerned.

Limit Some Drinks

Alcohol and caffeinated drinks are two liquids that should be kept to the minimum levels if you are suffering from a regular issue of insomnia and have lots of difficulties in getting a sound sleep.


The best is to cut down on your coffee and tea dosage for everyday as well as limit the intake of alcohol. These are yet again a good home remedy to be considered.

Sugary Foods

According to researches, having any sugary foods or even sugar about 30 minutes before going off to sleep can actually act as a sedative for good and sound sleep.

The same effect can be found in honey and you can even it raw in the quantity of 1-2 teaspoons half an hour before you plan to hit the bed. These are a goof and simple home remedy for insomnia.


One of the best home remedies is to adhere to this herb Valerian that has great sedative properties and make you sleepy on time along with preventing any kind of disturbances late at night.

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