Top 8 Spices To Boost Sex Drive In Men And Women

Spices To Boost Sex Drive In Men And Women

If you suffer from low sex drive it can cause you a lot of embarrassment as well it can lead to martial problems. It may also cause you and your partner a lot of stress. Before consulting your doctor you can try the following spices to spice up your sex drive. Low sex drive in men or in women are caused due to various factors such as stress, lack of sleep, depression, hormonal imbalance, obesity, diabetes, fatigue, malnutrition etc.

Garlic To Boost Sex Drive In Men And Women

Garlic is one of the best spices to boost sex drive. Consume a few cloves of raw garlic daily on empty stomach. You can also swallow a few cloves of raw garlic one or two hours before performing the act but it may not be liked by your partner due to its bad smell. Hence it is better to consume it in the morning.

Raw Garlic To Boost Sex Drive In Men And Women

Raw garlic stimulates nitric oxide in your brain which boosts your sex power by sending sufficient blood to your male organs. This leads to hard erection and thus if you suffer from erectile dysfunction, it is cured. Garlic destroys brain tumors as well as fights cancer. It has selenium and allicin in it which also increase testosterone hormone in men. It also contains high amount of Vitamin C which is very beneficial for increasing the volume of your sperm and for its good health. Thus your sperm count also increases.

Since garlic causes hard erection some people are tempted to consume too many cloves of garlic for more erection. You should keep in mind that anything in excess causes harm. This rule also applies to the consumption of garlic. If you consume more than 5 cloves at a time it may cause itching and skin rashes. Hence you are advised to consume only 2 to 4 cloves of raw garlic at a time.

Cinnamon To Boost Sex Drive In Men And Women

Cinnamon is another spice very effective in boosting sex drive. Over centuries this spice has been used to increase sex drive. It boosts libido in men as well as in women. People with increased level of blood sugar suffer from sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, low sperm count etc.

This happens because high blood sugar obstructs required amount of blood to your sexual organs such as [email protected] or vagina. Due to less supply of blood you get weak erection or other sexual problems. But cinnamon has the power to lower high blood sugar. Once your blood sugar level becomes normal you can enjoy your sexual and marital life.

Though cinnamon is used while cooking chicken, meat etc you can also consume it by adding it to your tea and coffee to get double benefits. But don’t consume too much cinnamon at a time or in a day because it causes harm if taken too much at a time. Also don’t think that the moment you consume cinnamon your sex desire would be raised. It works slowly but effectively. So have patience! It’s like exercise which doesn’t give you benefits immediately. But its benefits can be obtained with regular use.

Cardamom To Boost Sex Drive In Men And Women

Cardamom is another aromatic spice which is highly effective in enhancing mood and providing you sexual excitement. Cardamom has a very unique property. It cools your body when it is hot and warms it when it is cold. It soothes the nerves and is very beneficial in curing nerve disorders. Since it is very beneficial for brain your sex life too gets too much benefits because almost all your sexual activities depend upon the function and health of your brain. Cardamom is also known as brain tonic. Its aroma and scent give you good feeling.

Cardamom seeds can be chewed as mouth freshener and also to enhance mood. It also kills germs and bacteria in your mouth. You can also crush its seeds and prepare coffee with it. The combination of cardamom and coffee stimulates your genitals, gives you lusty thoughts and in men it also causes erection. Cardamom gives you a feeling of wellness and creates desire for sex in both the genders. If you combine it with ginger and cayenne your loss of libido comes back and it boosts sex drive.

Another sex stimulating spice found in almost all kitchens is ginger. It is known as sex stimulant. Ginger can be consumed as ginger tea or its paste can be cooked while cooking food with other spices.

Ginger plays vital role in stimulating sex organs and feeling of lust. It is very effective in improving blood circulation which eventually causes your sex organs such as [email protected], vagina etc to receive more blood. This enhances your sex drive and sexual performances because if you want to perform your sexual act successfully your sexual organs have to get sufficient amount of blood. Less blood to [email protected] causes erectile dysfunction (weak erection) and other sexual problems.

Basil To Boost Sex Drive In Men And Women

Basil is an excellent aphrodisiac which has numerous health benefits. It is an effective sex stimulant which enhances your mood and prepares you for sexual performance. Basil cures most of the mental problems such as depression, mental fatigue, poor memory etc. It soothes the nerves and provides energy to them.

It causes smooth blood flow to your genitals hence if you are suffering from complete erectile dysfunction or weak erection you will be very much benefited by consuming basil. Brain and sexual activities are directly related to each other. You sexual organs will only work properly if your brain is healthy. Basil keeps your brain healthy that’s why it is also known as brain tonic. Basil is also good in curing infertility and in increasing sperm count. It also cures mouth ulcers, stomach disorders, cough, cold etc.

Indian Spikenard To Boost Sex Drive In Men And Women

Indian Spikenard (known as Jatmansi) is very useful spice to boost your memory and cure nervous disorders. It gives you power to concentrate and to think reasonably. Since it is very good for brain it is also good to boost sex drive. It helps blood to reach your sexual organs and stimulate your brain for better performance.

Clove Oil To Boost Sex Drive In Men And Women

Clove and clove oil are also excellent sex booster. Clove naturally heats up your body and prepares for the act by stimulating your sexual organs. Experts believe that even a small drop of clove oil consumed through coffee or through hot chocolate can provide you an extra shot of sex drive.

Cayenne To Boost Sex Drive In Men And Women

Cayenne is an excellent spice (red hot pepper) to increase sex drive. Also known as capsicum, it dilates your blood vessels due to which your [email protected] and other sex organs receive sufficient amount of blood. Capsicum is very beneficial in giving you long lasting erections. You experience intense orgasms and your ejaculations are high due to hot pepper. Even after consuming above mentioned spices regularly you fail to boost your sex drive consult your doctor.

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