Top 5 Things To Do In Hong Kong

Planning to travel to the beautiful country of Hong Kong in the near feature and wondering what all you can do while you are there? Hong Kong is a nation with a diverse and rich culture, which astonishes people from around the world who visit this country.

The country offers a wide variety of amazing places to visit and things to see that it becomes extremely important to narrow down one’s itinerary according the number of days you will be spending these. Here is a list of top 5 things that you must do on your visit to the astounding country of Hong Kong.

Aberdeen Harbor Boat Ride: The Aberdeen harbor is one of the most famous harbors in the region and has been featured in a large number of television shows and movies. You can choose to have a serene and amazing tour of the harbor on a wooden sampan or enjoy a leisurely meal in one of the many floating restaurants in the area, while enjoying the beauty of the vicinity.

Visit ‘Man Mo’ Temple: The renowned temple has been named after the God of Literature ‘Man’, as well as the God of Martial Arts ‘Mo’. On visiting the temple, you can catch a glimpse of believers burning the incenses made using paper coils. The temple also houses the statues of the namesakes of the temple; in which ‘Mo’ holds up a sword, whereas ‘Man’ holds up a calligraphy brush. It is rightly considered to be the most important temple in Hong Kong, and is also popular with the history buffs.

Tsim Sha Tsui: It is known to be the most popular tourist attractions in the country. The entire district is filled with great restaurants, shopping malls, cafes, bars, and some of the best known designer stores. Here you also get the opportunity to visit various cultural attractions such as the Space museum and Museum of Arts. Enjoy a dance performance or concern at the city cultural center. It is a great place to get the taste of the culture of Hong Kong.

Lantau Island: The Lantau Island is located on Lantau hills and houses the largest Buddhist monastry in the city of Hong Kong. One needs to climb 260 steps to reach the top of the 100 foot tall Buddha statue. You can also enjoy wonderful nature walks on the island, or sample delicious vegetarian fare in the monastry. Whatever you do, you will surely enjoy the picturesque view of the hillside.

Architecture Tour: Taking an architecture tour of the place is a wonderful way to see all important buildings and landmarks in Hong Kong as well as to learn about the history of the city. This entire tour takes about 3 hours and is usually conducted by local architects.

There are various others tourist attractions in the city, but for those whose time is limited, these places must be visited.

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