Top 5 Sex Positions With Alterations

Sex Positions With Alterations

You must have read so many articles and books related to best sex positions like Missionary pose or sex positions for bets satisfaction or for big O that is orgasm. But now after practising them for a long time you must be wanting something ne w to experiment with in your sex life. SO why not try the same sex positions with few alterations and spice up your sex life in the bed room.

Just adding few changes can add a new zing to these sex positions and your normal and dull sex life will get a new meaning too. Turn your regular sex positions into more enjoyable and electrifying by changing or altering them a bit and have steamy and hot sex within the confines of your bedroom.

Frog Style Dive

Frog Style Dive

In order to get this position perfect you need to sit on your partner while he is sitting. So basically it is a sitting pose where you need to sit on your spouse and he is also sitting below you and while in this position, let him penetrate you with his [email protected] Now you need to sit on your heels or crouch a bit and ask him to raise his body a little bit so that he is also in a crouching position.

Now take his body’s support and let him enter inside you deeper and so that you can attain the highest level of satisfaction and hit the orgasm. Since both of you are sitting and facing each other he can play around and explore your full body with his tongue and stroke your naked body to arouse more passion. This Leap Frog style of having sex is best for deeper penetration and enhanced chafing against each other, which in turn gives more contentment to both of you.

Interweave In Doggie Style

Interweave In Doggie Style

This is a version of normal doggie style where you sit on all fours and have sex. Here there is a twist to the normal style where in you do not have to sit on all four limbs. You just need kneel and bend forward. Now in order to facilitate penetration you need to raise your lower back a bit upwards, so that he can enter inside you from the back side. Since here he has to enter inside you from the rear side so you have to raise your hips and the back in upwards direction, so that he can enter easily.

In this position the lifting of the lower back helps in more vaginal  revelation and it gets space to enlarge also thus he can  touch you more closely and deep inside , which will guarantee more chances of big orgasm. Accordingly giving unfathomable access to the vaginal area and the G-spot, this mostly results in great contentment. Moreover since both of you are enjoying each other with greater access to the bodies there are chances of orgasm for you too.

Ladling With A Difference

Get Deeper Penetration

This is another version of side by side pose, where both of you lie beside each other on the bed. Then both of you turn to your sides while lying on the bed and face each other. Lifting your upper leg, bring his upper leg between yours and then let him access your vagina slowly. You can add some more variations to add more thrill to this pose. Very gently ask him to turn you very slowly so that by taking his body support you can get on top of him, remember not to put all your body weight on him, because with just one side he will transfer you on top of his body.
This alteration requires slow movements and patience too, you cannot master this art in one go, spooning requires sluggish movements in order to get deeper penetration. Since it is slow and steady position it gives more time for foreplay and excitement, so in comparison to other positions the quotient of satisfaction and excitement level is more on this case. Thus the main mantra of this variation is to be slow and patient and then just see the magical powers of this altered position.

Missionary Position With An Alteration

Missionary Position

There is a slight change in the normal Missionary position to add that oomph factor to the sexual position. Here just like the normal missionary pose you lie on your back on the bed and spared your legs. Then allow him to penetrate you and then slowly raise your legs and keep your feet on his shoulders. The other thing which can be done is that if you are not able to fold yourself so much then you can rest your legs on the back of his shoulders.

Or you can fold one leg around his lower back and keep the other leg on his shoulder; this will provide more space for him to explore your vagina and vagina will also be stretched to its fullest form. These ways give greater access to his [email protected] to your vaginal area and in return offering great pleasure and excitement.

Do A Lap Dance For The Orgasm

Do A Lap Dance For The Orgasm

This is the best way to seduce your spouse, slowly bring him to a wide and comfortable sofa and then sit on his lap so that both of you are facing each other. You sit in such a way that both your legs are comfortably resting around him on both the sides. Now slowly and tenderly let him enter inside you. In this position your spouse will lean his back on the sofa, so his hands will be free to tenderly fondle your body and excite you to the apex.

This way he will be able to explore all the delicate and responsive areas of your body and give you the best foreplay. Thus in this position there are maximum chances of your hitting the big orgasm and you will get all the pleasure that you must have desired for. After learning all these five positions with a little bit twist why not experiment one every day and enjoy a new and exciting sex life with your partner. But remember to go slow in each and every twist otherwise they might turn around and give the negative effects.

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