Top 5 Online Spanish Courses

Spanish is one of the fastest growing languages across the world and provides a number of job opportunities for the skilled persons. Apart from native speakers in Spain, the language is also widely spoken in the United States with over 35 million Spanish speakers. Rather, United States has become the 5th country having largest number of Spanish speakers. The language is very easy to learn as it has similarity with English language.

We cannot attend the university lectures because of location restrictions but online courses have made it possible. A number of universities provide online courses for the students who are remotely located. These courses can be attended anywhere, one just needs to have a computer with internet connection.

Though the courses are online, students get opportunities to interact with the instructor and other students, discuss doubts and improve their understanding of Spanish culture. Home assignments, assessment tests and video tutorials are available on the course websites for the students. Tests are conducted online and certificates are also provided after successful course completion. The advantage of such courses is that there’s no age limit and anyone having basic written and oral communication skills can study these courses.

Top Online Spanish Courses at Universities

University of California, Davis (UC Davis), United States

University of California, Davis provides online Spanish courses under UC Davis Extension network. The methodology of language teaching by the university is funny and creative. Students are able to study the course material in text format, practice writing under the guidance of experienced instructors and develop oral comprehension skills in Spanish in the 3-tiered program. The courses can be studied conveniently at the comfort of sitting at home.

University of California

Students also get university level credits which are transferrable. A free information session related to the course is available at the website in downloadable format. The courses are of three types; Spanish Without Walls: Elementary Spanish I, Spanish Without Walls: Elementary Spanish II and Spanish Without Walls: Elementary Spanish III. Students can register themselves and get notified when the courses are scheduled.

With these courses, students get a chance to interact with teachers and other students as well. Apart from this, the course helps the students to develop oral communication skills, practice writing and learn grammar and vocabulary along with exploring the cultures of Spanish speaking countries. Students need to study 10 hours per week for learning each of the 5 lessons of the Spanish course.

University of Miami, United States

Division of Continuing and International Education at the university provides Spanish 7-Day Intensive Program which is a non-credit online course taught in English. Since the course is of 7 days duration and accessible from home; it would help the students to achieve maximum results in minimum time. It constitutes more than 45 hours of instructional classes. Though the classes are held at the university campus, these can be accessible online to the remotely located students.

University of Miami

With the involvement of group activities and presentations, the programs offer cultural aspects of the language apart from academic knowledge. The classes are conducted by the native speakers. Varied levels of courses are available ranging from beginner to advanced level studies. The class is held usually on Sunday, so it is conducted in hassle free environment. It is a full time dynamic study that provides certificate course in Spanish language.

Other courses related to Spanish include Customized Spanish Program, Spanish-Business Writing-Custom and Medical Spanish-Custom. The course related to business writing help the students to acquire business communication skills viz. writing letters, memorandums, and notices in Spanish. Medical Spanish program is aimed at medical professionals like nurses, dentists, practitioners, technicians etc. and is conducted in Spanish language.

University of Wisconsin-Madison, United States

The Continuing Studies program at the university provides Online Business Spanish Certificate program. This is a non-credit flexible program that helps in understanding the business relationships between Spain and Latin America along with the Spanish business etiquettes. Apart from learning the business skills, students get a chance to experience Hispanic culture spread across various Hispanic countries.

University of Wisconsin-Madison

This course is available in two levels; basic and advanced. While the basic level course describes how to create letters, business cards, memos and other such documents, the advanced level is focused at oral and written communication skills in Spanish along with management of financial corporations.

Another business course in Spanish named Doing Business in the Latino is also a non-credit course. It is a self paced course but students get guidance from instructor. In addition, study material is provided as CD ROM, images, audio and video recordings etc. The course covers report writing, making presentations and other business related assignments.

A number of courses of Independent learning programs are taught by the instructors of UW-Madison Continuing Studies. Moreover, Online Language Classes like French & Francophone Women Writers and French for Reading Knowledge are available.

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Oregon State University, United States

The university offers a number of language courses online and Spanish is one of them. The courses are conducted by the Foreign Languages and Literatures Department. Around 50 courses in 8 foreign languages are available. The university provides online undergraduate programs in Spanish viz. First Year Spanish, Second Year Spanish and many other Spanish courses. First and Second Year Spanish courses are of 12 credits each while other Spanish courses are of 4 credits each.

Oregon State University

After completing First and Second Year Spanish courses, students are able to understand the correct usage of words, alphabets, grammar, tense etc. and would be capable of conversing about climate, geography, traditions etc. Other Spanish courses include Contemporary Latin American Culture, Spanish for Healthcare Professions, Advanced Spanish Grammar, Intermediate Writing Skills, Spanish Language through Culture, Directed Reading and Writing in Spanish, and Mexican Immigrant Experience in the United States.

Macquarie University, Australia

The Arts & Humanities academic unit at the university offers course named Introductory Spanish I, which is an undergraduate level course. The course is designed for those who have no prior knowledge of Spanish language.

Macquarie University

After learning the course, students would be able to communicate in Spanish effectively. It constitutes assignments, exercises, quizzes and tests consisting of oral and written communication. Interaction with other students and the instructor is done via chat rooms, blogs, discussion boards etc.

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