Top 5 Natural Cures For Cancer

CancerPeople with cancer are usually open to trying all forms of treatment that may help them to cure the disease or even just reduce the symptoms and help in coping with these symptoms. Cancer patients usually feel they have lost control over their health and life, because of the aggressive chemo and radio therapies.

Natural cure for cancer is something that will give a cancer patient a semblance of control back in his or her life. Alternative treatments may or may not cure the cancer, but they do help in dealing with the signs and symptoms which are quite painful in themselves. For best results it will be a good idea to find the right balance between traditional medicine and alternative remedies.

Best Natural Cures For Cancer


In this treatment a needle is inserted into the skin at specific points. Studies have proved that acupuncture is good at relieving the side effects of chemotherapy including nausea. It is also useful in alleviating the pains experienced by cancer patients. However, you should be careful to get the acupuncture treatment done by a licensed practitioner.


Your doctor may be aware of some practitioners close to your residence. It is not safe to undergo acupuncture treatment if you are taking blood thinners or if your blood count is low. Hence before opting for this natural cure for cancer, you should consult your doctor and the acupuncture practitioner.


In aromatherapy fragrant oils are used to create a calming effect. Oils like lavender oil can be massaged onto the skin or added to bath water. These aromatic oils can also be heated so that their perfume gets released into the air that you breathe.


Aromatherapy is very effective in alleviating, pain, nausea, and stress. You can consult a practitioner for the oils that will be beneficial for you and then use aromatherapy on your own. This is a safe natural cure for cancer unless you are allergic to some of the oils.


Homeopathy is a science of medicine which believes that like cures like. Hence the substance that causes the problem in large dosages cures the ailment when taken in homeopathic preparations. It is possible to cure a number of different ailments with the help of homeopathy which is an effective natural cure for cancer.

Music Therapy

music therapy

In music therapy sessions a person may be made to sing songs, listen to music, play instruments or write lyrics. A person who is trained in music therapy will know which activities are meant to suit your requirements. This therapy often works in groups and is excellent at controlling pain, nausea and vomiting.


Hypnosis takes you into a deeply concentrating state of mind. During a hypnotherapy session the therapist will help you to focus on goals like controlling pain and reducing stress.


Hypnosis is very useful for cancer patients who are experiencing pain, anxiety and stress. It can also help in avoiding nausea from chemotherapy. However, you need to inform your therapist in case you have a history of mental illness. Hypnotherapy is a great natural cure for cancer.