Top 10 Turn Offs For Women

Top 10 Turn Offs For WomenIf you are the kind who is looking to score a few brownie points with your lady love, you wouldn’t like to go where angels fear to tread. Being in a relationship is one thing and keeping your partner in crime happy is another. Some men it seems, are constantly at their wit’s end trying to figure out what they did wrong especially when they get the thumbs down by women .

Dude, you really need to sit down and do loads of introspection. You are probably turning them off big time without even realizing it. Here’s a list of 10 common pitfalls to avoid with women.


Do you keep your date waiting while the clock ticks by from a few minutes to an hour? You are most certainly barking up the wrong tree. We women are sticklers for punctuality and while the odd woman would certainly discount your constant battles with time, most women will not.

So pull up your socks and meet your date well in time, preferably a few minutes earlier. Habitually late men give the impression of not respecting their women and respecting other peoples’ time.


Shooting your mouth off, berating and belittling others, is a huge turn off. Most women loathe pompous, arrogant men who think they are god’s gift to woman kind. So do yourself a favour and come down to mother earth. Women love confidence and self assuredness in men, but don’t take it a notch higher.

Male Chauvinist Pigs

Yes, we women can certainly look after ourselves, earn our living and pay our way. And no we are not staunch feminists. But we don’t like the idea of being looked down upon as mere mortals whose sole purpose in life is to procreate, cook and clean for men who don’t give a damn either ways.

So if you are the kind who thinks that women are made to bend over backwards for you and should not have any desires/needs of their own, you are sadly mistaken. Cut the woman some slack and learn to be more tolerant.

Not Paying Attention

Women love men who shower them with love, attention and care. Treat her with consideration, respect and compassion and she will be yours forever. Not answering her calls, not remembering birthdays, not taking the time out for her will have the most accommodating woman seething with anger. If you want a long lasting relationship, spend time with her and nurture her.

Insincere Compliments

A woman will see right though you if you if you are just flattering her. Women have uncanny instincts when it comes to insincerity. Lavish her with praise and mean it. If you think she is looking gorgeous say it. Express your love in several ways right from flowers and cards to impromptu notes left on the dressing table.

Bad Grooming

Nobody likes badly turned out and badly groomed men. And no, it is not ok to let yourself go even after marriage. Take the pains to dress well, shave and wear smart shoes. Get rid of dirty habits like nose picking and nail biting. Don’t burp or fart in front of her. Turning out badly dressed for a date will not warm you to her.

Blabbering about your Ex

We don’t want to know about your ex or how great you were in bed with her. If you want to truly win over a woman, avoid talking about your past romantic relationships.

Obsession with Sex

Women don’t like to be treated as sex objects. Pure animal lust without any regard for our feelings is an instant turn off. Show interest in her as a person and she will definitely appreciate you for it.

Zero Confidence

If you are the kind who is constantly letting yourself down and thinking you are no good, it will rub off on your woman. Even if you are not feeling confident, don’t show it. Self pity and misery will most certainly turn off your woman.


Don’t harass and harangue your lady love. Give her space to do her own thing. Call but don’t make it an obsession. She will respect you all the more for having a life of your own.

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