Top 10 Female Sex Fantasies – Why Do Women Fantasize About Sex

Women sexual fantasiesLiving in fantasies is what women can do best. They are happy dreaming wildest of dreams and yet stay so grounded in reality. Fantasies are like the “forbidden fruit” that our society prohibits especially women to dream who they think have minds restricted to family and children.

But if you go by the scientific researches, every woman dreams of fantasies, sex fantasies for various reasons. Sex fantasies are the deepest darkest desires of women, sometimes best known to them.

Female sex fantasies are sexual mysteries and dreams of sexual arousal or sexual plays that a woman dreams of. Often these sex fantasies are about wild hot and weird sexual activities that have never happened in real life or something they want their partners to do to them. It is very common among women who are sexually unsatisfied by their partners and need more passion and sex in their lives.

Women dream about sexual fantasies to bring out the “sex kitten” that is hidden deep within. It is a social taboo for a women to ask for sex or even demand the “most important and necessary” thing of anyone’s life. Therefore, to avoid being embarrassed or shunned from family and society, a woman builds a “sex land” where her wildest sex activities take place. Here are the top 10 female sex fantasies:

Giving in or be docile

Women love macho powerful and authoritative partner teaching her or taking charge of giving her a pleasurable experience. Won’t you love your man asking you to shut up and enjoy his strokes and love making techniques? How turn off it is when your partner has no idea of what to do to you for you to attain the “orgasm”? Women fantasize about being submissive and let loose the wild beast in his partner.

Have someone to watch you

Female sex fantasies have no boundaries. Don’t be surprised to know that women fantasize about having sex in front of their friends or sometimes strangers. Of course, cannot be put into practice, but hey, that is what fantasy is about-surreal! The pleasure that one gets when somebody is watching you in the action is something you won’t know when you actually dream about it. This sort of a fantasy can be against your moral ethics and leads to embarrassment if anyone finds out.

A fairytale sex fantasy

In darkness of the night, a masked man riding a white horse comes and lifts you onto his horse to a nice cozy cottage in the woods. With the fire burning, candles lit and a fragrance of his sweat, he romances like you’ve never imagined and what follows next is an unimaginable pleasure that many women dream of attaining in real life. This “man on the white horse” not necessary is your partner. It can be a total stranger, a good looking man you just happened to see the other day or a man you have never seen before. This type of sex fantasy is practical in real life minus the white horse.

The “naughty girl’ inside

Women are generally well behaved in their normal course of life. Work, take care of children & family and do all the needful that a good daughter/daughter-in-law/mother is expected to do. Deep within every good girl is a naughty bad devil that loves to strip in front her partner like a poll dancer does in a strip club. This naughty little demon inside her unleashes her to go a rampage seducing men or have causal sex with stranger. Remember, it’s just a fantasy that we are talking about, no woman seduce every man she meets unless you’re a whore or a nymphomaniac.

Aggressive steamy and violent sex fantasy

First sex fantasy mentioned above is about being submissive; here we talk about the violent sex that a woman desires. Imagine tying your man to the bed, or handcuffing him and instructing not to move. You make love to him with no rules! This hot fantasy makes your partner nothing but a sex slave. It’s a best way to spice up your sex life in reality. Surprise your man by wearing a skimpy little lingerie waiting to seduce him for a wild and hot sex.

Re-ignite flame with your ex

Ever dreamt of having sex with your ex? Many women fantasize about how they had sex with their past partners; reliving the sexual moments or creating a ravishing sex play. Dreaming about accidentally bumping into your ex and having hot passionate sex in your bedroom is the hottest female sex fantasy. Not a good thing if you are married but can definitely let you enjoy the “sex moment” in dreams.

Sex with a girl fantasy

It is every man’s fantasy to see two women having an exciting sexual encounter. How about a woman fantasizing her favorite female celebrity doing what she does to the likes of Tome Cruise and other men on/off screen? Female sex fantasies often have women making love to women in the most fanatical sexual acts. It can take you aback especially if you’re straight.

Enjoy female Group sex fantasy

Ever fantasized about having sex with multiple partners? Very common in today’s world, group sex is raging up among teenagers where twosome and threesomes are considered fun and wild. Watching a group video online will give you an idea on why group sex is o much fun. You have multiple hands running all over your body which you may get in reality.

Female Beach sex fantasy

Sex on the beach” like the cocktail itself is a cool and entertaining idea. Strolling on the beach with an imaginary partner and sipping together. The intoxicating atmosphere leads to a hot foreplay and then sizzling hot sex on the white sandy beach with the sound of waves playing in the background and millions of stars shying away.

Wild female sex fantasy

Wild female sex fantasy is something more intense and forceful than the fantasies mentioned above. These deepest sex fantasy desires can never be shared with anybody or absolutely immoral to perform in reality. The thought of it instantly arouse and inflame you to do something nasty, naughty and wild. Rack your imagination to find out your deepest female sex fantasy.

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