Working from Virtual Office

virtual-office In this age of recession, your efficacy in cutting costs would help you to manage your business efficiently. Virtual office is an exciting option available to entrepreneurs that would help them to run their business at least cost.

Advantages of virtual office
There are a number of benefits of running a virtual office.

Saves cost
The foremost advantage of running a virtual office is that it helps entrepreneurs to save money. In a virtual office, employees are no longer required to be brought under a single roof. They work from their own home or rented space, perhaps thousands of kilometers away from the employer’s headquarters.

Employ the best talents
The ease of working in a virtual office even when you are separated by thousands of miles, helps to attract untapped talents, who would have had qualms of traveling and settling in a new city or country.

Employee independence
Compared with people working from traditional offices, employees of a virtual office enjoy more independence. They could work from their own space and plan their own routine. Absence of any boss or supervisor always hanging around and peeping over the shoulder to monitor the progress of their work encourages them to work without stress. Lack of interaction with other employees saves them from the frustrations of office politics. The greatest benefit for employees working from virtual offices is that they do not have to travel everyday, braving the traffic and weather, to arrive at office on time.

Disadvantages of virtual office

There are some negative aspects of virtual office.

Lack of social interaction
Working alone from an isolated space hinders social interactions with other members of the company. Depending on the availability of your superior or colleague, in a virtual office, getting information would take some time. However, in a traditional office you could instantly get in touch with the required person.

Difficulty in balancing home and office work
Lack of regular routine might make you spend even non-work hours on your work desk, putting your home and office life off-balance.

Working in an environment that is not office-like might produce a lot of distraction. You might mess up your house works with your office works and be easily distracted.

Managing virtual office
Good communication helps in managing a virtual office efficiently. Employers and employees should stay in touch through the aid of latest technologies, widgets, instant messaging and the social networking sites.


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