Withdrawal Symptoms Of Smoking

headache_week1 ‘Smoking is injurious to health’ and if you are courageous enough to be determined to quit smoking habits after years of habit, it is but normal to experience the withdrawal symptoms of smoking.

Quitting smoking is a great task and only a strong willpower will help. Apart from the ever increasing urge to smoke more when trying to quit, there are other withdrawal symptoms too. Only awareness about them helps to face it better.

What Are The Symptoms?

The withdrawal symptoms can be divided into two parts: physical and emotional ones.

1. Physical Withdrawal Symptoms-

Feelings of nausea

Slight and irritating sensations of tingling in both hands and feet in the first week.

Continual headaches and migraine attacks

Cramp in stomach

Increase in hot flushes and cold sweat

One can also experience the symptoms of flu or mild cough and cold as this time the clogged lungs begin to clear up giving passage to fresh air. And therefore, initially there are sore throats, sinus and coughing.

2. Emotional Withdrawal Symptoms-

The common emotional effect is the feeling of loneliness and depression. One feels uncared for by friends and family.

They withdraw into their own shell; feel very restless, agitated and irritated all the time.

Anger outbursts are common.

One also experiences lack of concentration in whatever they do- either professionally or personally as they are continually hounded with the thought of smoking. The urge to smoke becomes irresistible.

They throw tantrums around people and thinks that no one can understands them. Shifts in mood are also common.

How To Overcome?

The tried and tested way is to put yourself under check. Analyze what you are going through which can only come if you are aware of the withdrawal symptoms. But never in the tough process of quitting smoking give up the efforts you make and take back to smoking. All your efforts will go waste.

Surround yourself with friends and close family members, try not to be alone as it will bring in the feelings of frustration, brooding, gloom and depression. Vent your heart out to them and in return, just ask for support and understanding.


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