Winter Skin Care

dryskincare1 Various skin problems occur during winter. There is not enough moisture in the air and our skin tends to dry very quickly but we can have a glowing skin if we follow some simple measures.

To remove the dryness, the first thing which comes into mind is to drink a lot of water. It hydrates the skin. Using warm water is good for bathing. It helps to hydrate the skin.Taking hot beverages during winter also helps in reducing the dryness of the skin. Eating proper is also important in hydration of the skin. Take vitamin and mineral supplements. Eat a lot of vegetables during winter. The lack of moisture can also be removed by using moisturisers which are available in the market. Choose a good brand of moisturiser and use it before sleep and after bath. It will give the moisture required by the skin. Use of body lotion before sleeping will also help to retain the moisture of the skin.

People often use hot water for bath during winters. Don’t use very hot water for bath. Using warm water is good for bathing. Oil massage is another important thing which can help retain the required moisture of the skin. Use coconut oil or olive oil for the purpose. Use of scrubber during bath is important as it helps in scrubbing out the dead skin cells. People generally avoid sunscreen during winter but its important.

The sunscreen should be used along with a good moisturiser. Use sunscreen 20 minutes before leaving the house. Do not over expose yourself in the wind as the dry winter wind takes away the moisture from your skin. Also take care not to sit for long in the sun. Do not use too much of soap for bath as it takes away the moisture, Even if you use soap then try to use a glycerin based soap. It will help your skin to have enough moisture during the dry winter months.


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