What to pack for your child’s summer camp Trip

summer-camp-packing Your child may have interest in anything like literature, acting, arts, astronomy or adventure; there are summer camps for everything. Summer camps may be a week long or a month long or may take entire summer break, but these can be fun and learning moments for your child. Your child is supposed to stay there away from you. Summer camp is a good opportunity for your child to understand the meaning of independence and responsibility. While away from his home nest for few weeks or even for days, he can learn a few things about real life. Another point is summer camps can be limited to your city only or may be out of the city. Your little one is going for summer camp for the first time and you have to pack the bags for him. You are getting confused about what to pack and what to not pack. Here I am telling few tips about few things you can not forget to pack.

While packing clothes, check the directions from the summer camp team. You must pack clothes for all season like sweater for chilly night, raincoat and umbrella for a rainy day. Keep extra pair of undergarments in case, child can not does laundry frequently. Also pack pairs of tennis shoes and sneakers. Another important tip is to write name of your child over every cloth, in fact, everything he is taking along to avoid misplacing. It is going to be large group of kids.

Keep the number of clothing minimum to reduce the baggage he has to carry. For laundry purpose, pack small pouched of detergents and soaps. Also give him some coins too, in case the place has some coin operated laundry machines.

Also pack few postcards, pen and stamps in his bag so that he can write short letters about the camp when he feels homesick. Pack toiletries like shampoo, toothpaste, soap, toothbrush, deodorant in separate pouch. And keep few first aid medicines in another bag. Towel should also carry child’s name.

Include list important phone numbers in your child’s bag.

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