What to do when you feel you are pregnant

preg1 First thing is you will loose your periods. If you have a perfect cycle, you realize this without any problem. If you have irregular periods it is quite difficult to know, then you can do a self pregnancy test. It instrument for self pregnancy test is available in all the medical stores. Follow the procedure given on the cover. If you see 1 line on that, then it is negative, if you see two lines on that, then congrats you have conceived. Then it is high time to visit the doctor and get a blood and urine test done. This confirms for sure that you are a pregnant.

Generally the doctors suggest you to take folic acid. This is very essential for you and your kid. So have these tablets regularly. Some doctors also suggest the use of calcium and iron tablets.

You get a check done for HIV and other diseases also, which may get transmitted to the kid. Good thing would be that you are negative for all these things. By any chance if you are HIV positive, then also there are means by which, the doctors can see to that, the kid does not get HIV. (Needs a doctor, seconding this opinion).

After you have got pregnant, it is advised that you don’t have sex for the first 3 months of your pregnancy. (Suggested by only a few doctors, different people have different opinion on this). Then you can continue to have sex and enjoy.

Generally in the 1st month of your pregnancy, you feel very tired and you may also have vomiting sensation. This increases as the days go on till 3rd or sometimes 4th month of pregnancy. If you have excess vomiting then meeting a doctor is suggested. You also may have morning sickness. Some women are very lucky not to have any of these things. By the end of 4th month you will be normal and you will start enjoying the pregnancy. In rare cases, the women may have vomiting throughout their pregnancy. After this comes the happy days. You will feel the baby kicking and moving around in your tummy. This is an awesome experience. Feel it and show it to your husband also.

Take pictures of your pregnant tummy, use of anti stretch mark cream is good if the doctor has suggested you this.

Have a happy and safe pregnancy.

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