What Is Nyctophobia

nyctophobia One of the most common phobias in children is the fear of the dark, known as Nyctophobia. Not all children who have been in darkness have this phobia. Sometimes, the phobia vanishes on its own when the children grow up but for some, it remains deep rooted in the mind. Children are afraid to sleep at night without the lights on or travel through darkened roads.

Symptoms Of Nyctophobia

– Nervousness in going out into the dark.

– Heart palpitations increase of which sweating and shaking are common signs.

– Avoiding being alone in a dark room alone or being angry if anyone suggests the same.

– Inability of speaking or seeking help. The child is dumbfounded.

Treatment Of Nyctophobia

1. Hypnosis– Hypnotherapy takes the child back to the nodal point when the fear of darkness was first triggered. After getting to know the time and conditions, the mind is then reprogrammed at the subconscious level. This reduces the symptoms of Nyctophobia and with time, the fear totally vanishes. But for this to happen, the child needs to take hypnotherapy sessions regularly till the psychiatrist deems it necessary.

2. Energy Psychology- It is a safe and long lasting method to treat fear of darkness. The origin of this treatment dates back thousands of years; something on the lines of acupuncture. This is “emotional acupuncture”, devoid of any needles. In this, the human energy system based on the meridian, the chakra and the aura is utilized for psychological treatment.

It re-wires the emotional mind. Therefore, it helps Nyctophobia a lot. After treatment, a child is in control of his own feelings and can monitor behaviour easily in a ‘dark’ situation. One learns skills to tackle fear of darkness. Slowly, the thinking pattern undergoes changes and the child is able to view the phobia in a different light.

3.  Talk Therapy- The child is made to talk about his/her fear of darkness. The therapist “re- wires” the mind constructs (fear is only a negative construct of the mind) and the effects of Nyctophobia are minimized to the level possible.


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