What are the Benefits of Dates

datess1 Dates

They are the most popular fruit in Middle East. The fresh ripen fruits are juicy and delicious. These fruits are preserved by drying them in sun. It can be used in a wide variety of foods and is having healthy benefits too.

Benefits of Dates

1.    Dates contains a lot of minerals and nutrients like iron, calcium, potassium, sulfur, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, copper and amino acid, fiber, fats, proteins etc. this is really a rich fruit.

2.    Dates can be used for sexual weakness. Soak the dates overnight in goat’s milk and in the morning grind it in the same milk with some honey and cardamom seeds or powder. It also meliorates the stamina.

3.     Dates contain one of the most essential mineral that our body requires that is fluorine. Fluorine is essential for building the enamel of our teeth which imparts strong teeth. Fluorine deteriorates the teeth decay process.

4.    Dates are a very good laxative. The fresh or dried fruit or the syrup made after soaking them over night will provide enough roughage to overcome the constipation.

5.    Intestinal problems can be reduced by the consumption of dates as it contains nicotine. Dates will develop a colony of favorable bacteria inside the intestine by warding off the growth of harmful pathogens.

6.    Dates are very easily digestible and provide sugar and energy to our body.

7.    It is highly used in cases of alcoholic intoxication. Fresh date’s syrup is used as a home made medicine for alcoholic intoxication.

8.    Dates are used by pregnant women to strengthen the walls of the uterus. It promotes easy delivery by aiding dilatation at the time of delivery. It also brings down the bleeding in delivery.

9.    Breast feeding mothers are using dates to enrich their milk which is highly beneficial for the babies.

10.    Dates can be used as a remedy for anemia as it contains a lot of iron which in turn helps in the blood formation.

11.    Dates will help you to maintain a good health with fair complexion, good skin and beautiful hairs.

12.    Date’s syrup or tonic is a good revitalizing drink for children and aged people.

13.    Dates are given to patients after surgery or having an injury as it helps to rebuild the structure. Doctors often recommend this to cancer patients after their chemotherapy.


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