Ways to remind your husband of your anniversary

an Anniversaries are important as they help us to renew our ties and remind us of relationships which we tend to take for granted. Many husbands tend to forget anniversaries compared to wives. It is not because they do not value the relationship. It is simply that the date slips their mind. So here are some ways in which you can remind your husband about your anniversary when it is near.

Time your reminders appropriately.

Make sure that you give him ample time, so that he does not schedule important meetings or other work on that day. However reminding him too early will be of no use as he will forget once again.

Mark it on the calendar.

This is an unobtrusive way of letting your husband know that your anniversary is near by rather than telling him and making him feel small about it. Put a big red heart around the date on the calendar which will not go unnoticed. This may not be very effective if your anniversary is very early in the month.

Sending your husband notes or e-cards telling him how you cant wait to celebrate your anniversary with him is a sweet way of reminding him rather than trying to tell him that he forgot and you remembered once again!

Reminding  through planning an anniversary together could also be done. You could simply ask him how he wants to celebrate your anniversary or if he has any ideas and if you should invite any guests and whom to invite etc.

You could get someone else to remind him which might be more effective as if you keep reminding him he might feel nagged. A co- worker or his secretary could remind him or simply ask him what he is planning to do for his anniversary which will get his attention faster. Do not simply wait for him to remember as this will become a huge issue and you will only end up having an unpleasant anniversary.

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