Ways to get best deal while buying a house

buying-a-house Do your homework

While buying a new house it pays to hunt around and find about the best deals being offered by the various builders and dealers. Take the best offers and then make dealers compete for your deal.

Don’t be intimidated

Sales staff cuts deal for their livelihood and have a number of tactics to get their targeted price from you. Know this game before you step into their office and take advantage of it. Often you listen to enticing quotes as ‘Today is a special discount day. Offer is for today only till midnight.’ Don’t be lured for tomorrow may offer better deals. The sales staff pretends that they are working doubly hard for you, referring your deal to their sales manager for more discounts etc. don’t be carried away with these gimmicks.

Discount on finance

Don’t be taken in by glib-talking salesman offering mouth-watering discounts on the financed amount of the deal. Remember the bigger the financed amount, the more you Pay in terms of interest. So your short term gain may actually be a long-term loss.

Don’t give up discount for a special offer

Finance or insurance deals often tempt buyers into the offices. Some real estate agents then use such offers to resist discounting, saying the special deal has eaten into their margin. To the inexperienced buyers it looks like a valid reason, but normally these offers are paid by the builder

Take time to shop around

If your salesman or dealer does not deliver the saving or discount you want, do not panic. Don’t ever think that your current dealer is your only option. May be there is some better deal available with some other agent, directly from the builder or on the net.

Take care of market moods

The real estate scenario is never never always constant. Today it may be booming, in the next few months to come, it may tank or stabilize. Take no hasty decision and wait for the appropriate moment to make your purchase.


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