Uses of Essential Oils

Natural Beauty Essential oils or ethereal oils are the oils that are extracted from certain plants, which carry distinctive scents of those plants. Different oils have been used for various medicinal purposes through different ages and in the current era have found popularity in aromatherapy. Their curative effects are said to be quite popular among clients though all such claims are yet to be confirmed. Here are a few uses of essential oils, if used with caution can be quite beneficial:

Skin and Body care

Essential oils are used for skin care in facial steamer, masque and in creams and lotions. These are also used for stimulating the skin and the lymphatic system. A few drops are added to a bath brush and is used to brush lightly the entire body. Use a few drops of any carrier oil to massage yourself to provide instant relief to your tired muscles. This is not just a way to relax but has a wholesome therapeutic effect on you. Floral waters like lavender, rose and sandalwood are good for the skin and have a calming and soothing effect on the skin. Floral waters are also used in skin toners and tonics.


Essential oils are also used in the making of perfumes. You, too, can make your own perfume by mixing one part of an essential oil to nine parts alcohol. Make use of your creativity and blend together you favorite oils and add alcohol to the mixture to dilute it.

Air Freshener

Essential oils are also used in room freshening. They are either used in a lamp scent ring or a diffuser used for aromatherapy. Other than these you may also drop a few drops in the trashcan, your closets or vacuum bag. These are also quite effective as bug repellents.

For Colds and Flu’s

You can use a few drops of the oil in boiling water and use it for inhalation purpose when suffering from colds and influenza. Alternately, a drop or two of oil can be placed on a tissue and used to inhale. But be careful while using it for inhaling. If you notice any discomfort do not continue. If you are suffering from asthma you should not use this and if there are other medical conditions do consult you doctor before you use these.


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