Unusual Uses of Carbonated Drinks

carbonateddrink Are you addicted to carbonated drinks, like coke and Pepsi? Perhaps you are not aware that besides satisfying your thirst, your coke can do several other tasks for you.

Cleaning your house

A can of coke is as good in cleaning your sink and toilet bowl as your expensive toilet cleaner. Before going to bed, simply pour a can of coke into your toilet bowl and leave it overnight. In the morning, scrub the toilet bowl and flush it and you will find that your toilet bowl is sparkling clean. Similarly, you can apply coke for cleaning your kitchen sink. Phosphoric acid present in coke is great for removing stains. If you have an old vitreous china item, consider cleaning it with coke and you will realize that no other detergent would have cleaned your china better.

Cleaning car

Are the rust marks on your chrome car bumper making your car look ugly? Dip an aluminum foil in coke, rub on the rust spots, and see the result. Your car bumper will regain its lost shine. Carbonated drinks are also capable of cleaning corrosion from car battery terminals. Pour a can of a carbonated drink on the battery terminals and the corrosion will be instantly cleaned. To remove rust from the hinges and bolts you can rub the rust with a cloth or aluminum foil dampened with a carbonated drink.

Removing grease

Are you unsure whether your washing detergent could remove the stubborn grease from your clothes? You can trust coke or any other carbonated drink to remove grease easily. Along with your washing detergent add a can of coke to water and wash your clothes. The carbonated drink will easily loosen the grease from your clothes.


Besides drinking, you can use carbonated drinks in several recipes. If you want to prepare delicious baked pork with nice brown gravy, simply pour a can of carbonated drink in the baking dish, wrap the pork in an aluminum foil and bake it for about half an hour. After removing the pork from the oven, unwrap the foil and allow the dripping to mix with the gravy. Coke can be added to mustard herb dressing or cheese dip or for making sweet and sour cabbage.


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