Types of Portable Car GPS Systems

in-car-gps-navigation1 How often have you lost your way while driving your car? Instead of asking passersby for direction, you can install a car GPS system that could direct you to your destination. Some cars have built GPS navigation system. If your car does not have one, you can easily install a portable GPS system in your car.

Simple car GPS

The common portable car GPS system is known as the RS232 receiver, also known as GPS mice. It does not come with a screen and you should install a computer, a palm PDA or a pocket PC to visualize directions. There are several options of linking the computer screen to the GPS receiver. You can use a card slot, cable or Bluetooth for connection. The display screen of your car GPS should be big enough, so that your eyes could easily view the direction without any strain. Common portable GPS systems do not have their own power supply and rely on the car’s battery for power. A good street mapping feature should be incorporated in the car GPS.

Instead of going for cheaper simple model, you can opt for one of these advanced car GPS systems.

Magellan GPS

The Magellan RoadMate 500/700 and the Magellan 750 Plus are two types of portable car GPS from Magellan. The RoadMate is fitted with a touchscreen and equipped with voice prompting technology to give you turn-by-turn guidance. The RoadMate 500 model can upload up to 100MB file in its memory drive, whereas the RoadMate 700 model has an in-built 10GB hard drive for more extensive memory storage space. The advanced mapping system includes maps of the major routes. The Route Method incorporated in the Magellan 750 Plus allows drivers to select their route from shortest time, shortest route, and least used freeways and most used freeways.

Garmin GPS

Garmin has a wide range of car GPS receivers, including StreetPilot III Deluxe/2610/2650/2620/2660 and GPSMAP 276C. The Garmin GPS models include voice prompt alerts, turn-by-turn guidance, and course deviation alert. They have menus from which you can opt for shortest route and fastest route. The maps include popular routes of North America, Europe and Australia.

Tom Tom GPS

This portable GPS can be easily switched from one car to another. Its built-in battery can provide navigation for up to 5 hours before the next recharge. It has touchscreen and SD memory card.

Lowrance GPS

This portable color GPS system gives voice and visual guided navigation. This is a versatile gadget, which could be also used as an MP3 player.


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