Types of Menstrual Problems

menstrual-problems Menstruation is an inescapable fact of a woman’s life. It is the harbinger of womanhood, a means for a woman’s maturity and for the development of her womanhood. As much as it is a blessing, it can be plagued by many problems. This article enlists some of them.

1. Irregular Periods- Only some women have the luck of a proper 28 days period cycle, something we read about in biology classes. The cycle varies from 25 to 33 days. This is a cause of much concern. Irregular periods can cause problems during pregnancies.

2. Pre Menstrual Problems– these are the problems which surfaces every month before periods start such as headaches, swelling of breasts, irritation, mood swings, depression, frustration, weakness, clumsy attitude, water retention and lethargy.

3. Menstrual Cramps- Known as Dysmenorrhea in medical terms, it occurs due to an excess of prostaglandins or hormonal imbalance. It is divided into two- primary dysmenorrheal and secondary dysmenorrheal.

4. Heavy Periods– Known as Menorrhagia or Hypermenorrhea in medical terms, it continues for more than seven days, fibroids, blood clots and hormonal imbalance are the common reasons for heavy periods. Increase in the fibroid size can lead to uterine operations too.

5. Absence of Periods– Known as Amenorrhea in medical terms, it happens when a woman is lactating, expecting or suffering from physical illnesses. Amenorrhea is of two types: Primary Amenorrhea wherein the women never had a period; Secondary Amenorrhea caused by pregnancy and is often for six months.

6. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease– It takes place when a woman comes in contact with a STD. It is characterized by foul smelling discharge from the vagina, painful sex, and burning sensation during urination among others. PIDs can pose problems in future pregnancies and harm the fallopian tubes too.

7. Endometrial Cancer– It is common in women having a high level of estrogen levels. There is bleeding from the vagina and if detected early, cure is possible.

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