Types of Foot Spa

001foot-massage The face and hands get almost the entire attention when it comes to our beauty regimen. Our feet, which take the maximum of the stress each day, sadly are not given the care, which they require. Pain in the heel, cracked heels are very common problems that plague many women. And to top it all women have to face the stress that comes with the present fast-paced lifestyle and pressure.

You can give your feet that care it needs by indulging in foot spa. It is a complete solution for your tired feet that will keep both your body and mind refreshed. There are a number of foot spa types that you can choose from:

Traditional Foot Massage

This involves massage of the entire length of your leg from the kneecap to the toes. Here, Jimmy (a special wooden stick used for massage) is used to stimulate the acupressure points. It helps you not just to feel relaxed but also in maintaining the moisture balance of your skin.

Hot Stone Massage

Volcanic stones are used to massage lightly the different parts of your feet. This massage helps to strengthen the muscles of your legs.

Stone Therapy Spa

This is very beneficial for those suffering from chronic and acute pain in the heels. It begins with the nails being filed. Then green tea extract is applied on the feet after which the feet are soaked in tea tree bath. You can also add lemon slices, tea tree oil and grapes to the bath. This will help enhance the glow on the skin of the feet. After a while the cuticles are trimmed and stone therapy is done.

The pressure point of the calf muscles is massaged followed by the feet and heels being massaged with hot and cold stones. A foot scrub is used to exfoliate. This process is followed by a massage with a lotion and application of a mud mask. This helps maintain a healthy and smooth skin texture.

Thai Foot Massage

Thai herbs are used in this. The herbs are tied in very small pouches and steamed and are applied on the nerve endings in the feet. At times Thai aroma oil and Thai clove oil are also applied to give relief from joint pain. The aroma of the Thai oil enhances your mood and helps in the flow of energy in the body. After this the feet is washed with lemon grass salt water.


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  1. Carey says:

    Spa could really make you feel and look refresh after a very long week of stressful work. In this way, it could make you feel more relax and comfortable especially your mind and body.

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