Trip to Albert Park

albert About 3 kilometers south of Melbourne is the Albert Park. Covering approximately 555 acres of land, the parkland, with the Albert Park Lake and a couple of sporting facilities is a prominent tourist destination.

Originally a swampy land, the lagoons were drained to construct a parkland in 1864. This is now a favorite holiday spot with nine picnic areas fitted with barbecues, shelters and toilets.

Albert Park Beach

It takes only 20 minutes to arrive at the Albert Park Beach from Melbourne. The shallow waters of the Port Phillip Bay attract holidaymakers to splash in its calm waters.

Surrounded by palm trees of the Beaconsfield Parade, the beach is a glorious spot for basking in the sun. There are separate pathways for pedestrians and bikers. The kiosks and the playgrounds on the beach become pretty crowded during the holidays.

Albert Park Lake

The Albert Park Lake and its surrounding area are home to a number of birds. About 120 species of birds, including swans, ducks, cormorants, coots, grebes, herons and ibis are found here. Pelicans visit the lake during their migratory flights.

A number of Australian native mammals, reptiles and amphibians, such as, the common bent-wing bats, common brushtail possums, glossy grass skinks and common froglets are found here. There are a number of yachts or rowing clubs that visitors are free to join. One can even hire a boat, kayak or canoe to explore the lake.

Albert Park Golf Course

Albert Park Golf Course is one of the finest golf courses in Australia. If you are not a professional golfer, you can even learn the game from professional instructors of the course. Open throughout the week, this 18 Hole Public Golf Course boasts a double storey range with undulating area, shop and bar and restaurant.

Australian Grand Prix

For Formula 1 racing enthusiasts, Albert Park is the venue of the Australian Grand Prix. The race is held on public roads encompassing the Albert Lake. The circuit is smooth and quite fast.


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