Treatment for Dry Hair

hair-dry11 Dry hair in very unruly and makes you look pale and unkempt. Thus, it is extremely essential that you should take good care of your dry hair so that you can make it look beautiful and gorgeous. It is required that you handle dry hair with care in order to add the shine and sheen in your hair.

There can be various reasons for dry hair: weather conditions, regular use of heating and drying electric appliances, suns rays, pollution, misuse of color and perm, etc.

In order to make your dry hair look beautiful and shinny you can always apply these tips:

Always try to cover your hair in order to avoid suns rays, heat, pollution, dust and dirt, etc. This will help you keep your hair protected.

Try to avoid too much use of electric equipments like hair dryer, hair irons, etc. These might make your hair look beautiful but the effect will not be everlasting. Similarly, applying color or perm effects to your hair will leave your hair dry and chapped. It also causes hair breakage. Thus, avoid such acts though they might be tempting. This will restore the natural health of your hair.

You should also choose your shampoo and other hair products very carefully. At times very harsh hair products can ruin the hair quality completely leaving it dry and dull. Thus, know your hair type and choose your hair products accordingly. Do not shampoo dry hairs daily rather do it on regular intervals or else it will be even drier.

You can use various home remedies in order to keep your hair shinning and healthy. Oil your dry hair always before shampooing. Preferably, apply towel therapy that is massage warm oil (mixture of olive oil and rosemary oil) in your scalp and wrap it with a arm towel for around 45 minutes before you wash it. This will help moisten dry hair. Even a mixture of banana, egg yolk, yoghurt mixed together can be a very good moisturizer for dry hair. Condition your hair with this mixture to get the best effects.

Avoid using lemon juice as it might make dry hair even drier.


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