Tips to Wax Your Car

car-wax Your car will be having a multi layered coating to get the shining that it has now. The atmospheric pollution, acid rains, bird droppings, ultraviolet energy, salt, insect fluids etc will make it dull over the time. So waxing over your car will protect it from the incompatible environment and will act as a barrier between the harsh environment and the paint finish of your car. Waxing will give better look to your car.

Tips to Wax Your Car

1. Before starting the waxing process you have to wash your car thoroughly and make it dry. Park your car in a shady area because the severe hot and cold are not good for waxing. The hot sun will bake the wax and you won’t get the desired effect.

2. Get a good car wax that does not contain any abrasive. Because the wax containing abrasives may damage the lacquer finishes and clear coat of the car and at times turn to be harmful for the dark colored paints. It is better t avoid cheaper waxes available in the market.

3. Take wax sponge and make it wet and dip it in the wax. Now apply the wax over your car with small circular motions. Take care to avoid the wax from getting in to the furrows and jambs. You can use tooth brush to remove the wax from the furrows.

4. Start your work from one end and complete the entire surface of the car by following a path. By the time you make one complete round to finish the application of the wax, the other end will become ready.

5. Use a soft cloth towel or cloth diaper to remove the wax. Rub out the wax in the same direction in which it was applied. While removing the wax shake the towel in between your work to get rid of the wax build up and mottling. Never leave the wax on the car for more than two hours as it may affect the paint.

6. Come close to your car and check in all directions to see whether there is any residual wax on the car and remove it with a cloth diaper.

7. Polish the entire car surface with a cheese cloth or cloth diaper. This will help you to make your car shine.


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