Tips to Use an Electric Breast Pump

electric-breast-pump If you are working women but like to feed your baby with your breast milk then you can use breast pumps. You can collect breast milk with the help of an electric breast pump and can store it in feeding bottles. So your baby sitter can feed your baby with your milk and your baby will get the benefit from your milk even if you are not there.

If you have any postnatal problems and if you are not in a position to feed your baby then also you can use breast pumps. Electric breast pumps are more efficient than manual pumps and it has double pumping capability. This will help you to store more milk.

Tips to Use an Electric Breast Pump

1. For collecting breast milk with the help of an electric breast pump you have to select a time at which there is sufficient storage of milk in the breast. Ideally this happens in early morning. You can have a warm drink before starting the pumping which will stimulate the milk production.

2. Get your breast pumping machine and connect it properly as per the directions. Make sure that the machine is sterilized and clean. Make your hands and breast clean with soap and water.

3. Choose a comfortable position and attach the machine to your breast. While attaching the breast cup to your breast ensure that the nipple is in the center and the breast cup has good contact with your skin. Otherwise it may cause leaking.

4. Start pumping with low suctions and build up the speed gradually. The milk will be collected in a plastic container attached to the machine. If your nipple gets hurt then switch off the machine and check the position of the nipple and start again by keeping the nipple at the center.

5. Change your breast several times and this will help you to collect more milk. You have to turn off the machine before pulling your breast out from the machine. Otherwise it may hurt you.

6. You will get specially designed plastic bags for storing the milk. Store your milk in such bags for later use.

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