Tips to Travel Safely in Africa

africa-travelling Africa is a wonderful continent with abundant natural beauty and historical sites. It is the dream of travelers to visit the wilderness of this continent. Nonetheless, before planning your vacation in Africa, the following tips would help you to enjoy your vacation with least hassles.

Read the local news
Despite its wonderful tourist hotspots, African countries are often involved in political turmoil. Remain updated about what is happening here. The local news from Africa will help you to determine the potential trouble spots. Even while you are traveling, you should keep yourself updated with the news of the areas you are traveling or intend to travel.

Choose a guided tour
Instead of traveling alone, choose a guided tour. Your tour operator has the best knowledge about the safe and the risky zones and to maintain their business goodwill they will not embark an unnecessary risky trip.

Get an idea about the local laws
As soon as you step in your hotel, ask someone to give you details about the local culture, behavior and prevailing dress code, if any. You should also ask someone trustworthy to pinpoint the risky areas, in case you decide to go shopping or take a leisurely walk on your

Guard your valuables

You should not carry any valuable things with you. Ostentation is always not a safe option for travelers. Keep your money and passport in a buttoned down pocket, so that nobody could figure them.

Avoid night travel
It is not preferable to travel during the night. The roads of the African countryside are often in poor condition with domestic animals moving around. To avoid accidents you should avoid these routes after dusk. The deserted areas are often risky after nightfall. You should travel on well-lit roads in populated areas in the night. Park your vehicle in a well lit parking lot and lock your car properly before you leave it.

Avoid hitchhiking
Hitchhiking is a risky proposition especially in the urban regions and after dark.

Always remain alert to make your vacation enjoyable.


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