Tips to Track Your Lost Car

lost-car What happens when someone steals your car? You obviously rush to the police station to lodge a report and wait for the efficacy of the police force of your city to track your stolen car. However, if your vehicle is fitted with a car-tracking device, not only the police, but even you can track your car as it is being driven away by the thief.

GPS tracking system

A car-tracking device uses global positioning system or GPS to locate the position of your vehicle. By using the satellite navigation system, the real time geographical location of your car can be delivered precisely from any location throughout the world. The efficiency of the GPS navigation system can be gauged from the fact that a group of nearly 24 or more satellites orbiting the earth is employed in the navigation process.

Types of car tracking systems

There are two types of car tracking devices. The passive system car tracker solely stores information on the direction, time, speed and driving habit of the driver in the memory of the device. To analyze the data, you must download the data stored in the memory of the device to the computer. The passive system device, does not work to track your stolen car. It can only be used, when you are consciously spying on the driver of the vehicle.

Real Time vehicle tracking device transmits data at regular intervals to the database of the maker of the device. The data could be assessed through the website of the manufacturer. There are also provisions to sent data to the cell phone of the person tracking the vehicle.

Besides tracking the vehicle, an advantage of the tracking device is that, similar to any other spy equipment, these can be fitted in the car covertly, without grabbing the attention of the unsuspecting driver. You should fit and hide your GPS tracker at a spot where it can remain safely attached, and is safe from bugs and dust. The rear or back fenders are the best places to fit the tracker.


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