Tips To Take Indoor Photographs

099ASPea3801446 Compared to taking pictures outdoors, snapping photographs indoors is comparatively an easy task. You can easily manipulate the backdrop and light indoors. However, to take the best quality pictures indoors, you should follow some rules.


Amateur photographers are not always aware of the nitwits of films. Often we experiment with several films, until we get the image of our choice. If you do not have enough time to go through a series of trials and errors, you can follow some general filming rules. To snap portraits and indoor scenes 400 speed film can be used. To take pictures of indoor sporting events or action scenes, use 800 speed films. To avoid change in color from artificial indoor lighting, use tungsten balanced films.


Your backdrop should enhance your subject. Designing the proper backdrop is not necessarily an easy task. You can use a plain wall or hang satin or fake fur to create textured backdrops. The backdrop should not clash with the colors on your subject, including the subject’s clothes and makeup. The backdrop should be free from stains and wrinkles.


Natural light is always the best lighting option for indoor photography. You should position your subject in such a way, so that the natural light from a window should fall on the subject. Such a lighting arrangement produces a soft and sublime effect, with the natural colors of your picture remaining intact.

In the absence of natural lighting, use three-point lighting. In this lighting technique, the major light source is positioned at 45-degrees angle to the subject. A reflector, such as a white cardboard is placed opposite the light source, so that the light bounces back towards the subject. The third point of the three-point lighting system is to keep a soft light behind the subject. This prevents formation of shadows.

The mood of your picture will determine the choice of light. To get a gentle look, consider bouncing the flash off a reflector, ceiling or walls. You can also stick a tissue over the flash unit of the camera to get a soft look. Bright light could be used to produce dramatic images. You can use colored bulbs or even candle lights to produce stunning pictures.


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