Tips to take care of your face

face-wash1 Your overall appearance at the first instance is judged by your face because it mirrors your personality. A bright and breezy face can do wonder for your individual persona. However, it becomes all the more necessary to take care of your face. Indications of aging foremost appear on neckline and face. So, it becomes crucial to think about the condition of your skin early on so as to steer clear of aging indicators. By following some fundamental steps you can make sure that exquisiteness and radiance remains on your skin.

1) Make your face dirt-free by cleaning it of the dust particles and affluence. This is the most fundamental process as it guarantees that face is clear of any unwanted stuff. Cleaning your face assumes utmost importance when you have to wear make-up. If possible seek to clean the face with a natural face wash solution than soap as the use of soap might leave your skin dehydrated.

2) Scrub your face at alternating days since it will make your face clear of all the dead skin cells and make your skin free of any sought of dirt. But before that make sure that scrub is compatible with your skin type.

3) Try to use lemon on your face while exfoliating as it acts as a natural scrubbing agent.

4) It is very crucial to humidify your face as more and more moisture is needed to keep your skin healthy and fine.

5) Honey can also be applied on any kind of face as it acts as natural moisturizers thereby giving a soothing effect to your skin.

6) Include green leafy vegetables in your diet plan as it will provide necessary nutrients for the health of your skin.

7) Try to take a sound sleep of at least seven to eight hours as you can be awake fresh in the morning.

8) When you are going out, shield your face from the harmful UV rays as they can cause tanning on the facial skin. Use sun screen cream all over your skin when you are out in the sun.

9) After returning from work or from a party, clean your face with a good-quality astringent. It will clean your face from all the dirt.

10) Moisturize your face with a good moisturizing lotion which will keep your face laden with moisture all through the night.


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