Tips to tackle Anemia with change in Diet and Lifestyle

anemiadiet Anemia is a disease caused due to destruction or low rate of production of red blood cells in the body. Thus the hemoglobin growth is reduced which in turn cuts down the oxygen supply to the tissues of your body. Some of the common symptoms of anemia re pale look, whitish color of lips and nails, dizziness, weakness, loss of energy, etc. Thus anemia affects your lives day to day activities. You can combat this disease by controlling your diet regime and also your day to day lifestyle.


If you are affected by anemia consult your doctor and dietician and decide the right diet to combat this disease.

1.) Eat a lot of green vegetables as per your dietician’s prescription.

2.) Increase your intake of foods rich in iron content.

3.) Eat mutton as per doctor’s prescription as mutton helps in increasing the count other RBC in your blood.

4.) Egg yolks are very effective for anemic patients as they help to increase the RBC count in the blood.

5.) Fruits like pomegranate, grapes, etc. are rich in iron and good for anemic patient.

6.) Beet roots are rich in iron content.

7.) Eat dry fruits especially lots of raisins to combat this disease.

8.) Increase your intake of fishes too.

9.) Eat lots of fruits rich in vitamin C also like oranges, lemons, tomatoes, etc.

Lifestyle Management:

In order to combat anemia along with your diet you should also manage your lifestyle accordingly.

1.) Take ample rest. Eight to Nine hours of sound sleep should be a mandate to help you stay fit.

2.) Do not force yourself to work hard as anemia results in energy loss and excessive weakness.

3.) If you are vegetarian than you should take special care of your diet plan to combat anemia. This is because the most essential iron rich foods are non vegetarian in nature.

4.) Avoid drinking tea or coffee immediately after any heavy meal like lunch or dinner.

5.) Always try to eat your meals on time.


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