Tips to Stay in Touch with Old Friends

stay-in-touch Friends are the biggest treasures of your life. Never let them go. You meet so many people in this ongoing course of your life, like them and even befriend them. However, how many of them do you stay in touch with forever? If you count, the number will not be big. Thus, making friends is easy but retaining friendship is tough.

In early days, there were not enough solutions to the communication process. Thus, staying in touch with friends was not that easy. However, in today’s world where communication is not at all a problem there should be no excuses to detach links with them. A true friend is as valuable as a diamond thus, no one would like to let go off of such valuable possession.

Take initiatives to contact your friends. You can track a person today through numerous options. If you know your friends contact number, give him a call to surprise him. He will be pleasantly surprised. Remind him of the old days when you people use to freak out together. Try to remember the happy moments and avoid the sour parts.

If you do not have he contact number but only the email id, than drop him a mail reminding him of his old days. Do not send a one liner instead send him a big mail reminiscing the old days. He will enjoy it and will surely reply you back. Ask for his contact number and once you get it call him and speak to him.

Nowadays there are various sites over the internet for socializing like facebook, wayn, orkut etc. through which you can search your old friends. Most of the people enroll to this site to stay in touch with their old pals as well as make new pals. Thus, you can always login and look for your old friends.

Apart from this, ask your friends, you are still in touch with, about the others and try to get their contacts.

If they are out of the country you, can always them invite them over chat and chat when you people are free. This will help to stay in touch. If you are in the same city, plan get-togethers or lunch outs. This way you will be able to regain the friendship that you had lost long back.

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