Tips to sell used car

shopping-used-car1 Selling your used car might not be quite easy. Finding the right customer is always a problem. If you want your used car to fetch maximum price, you should present it in a good condition before your prospective buyer. Buyers are always apprehensive about the health of a used car. Therefore, if you are willing to spend a few dollars to maintain the appearance and gears of your vehicle, you could sell it for handsome amount.

Preparing your used car for sale

Cleaning the car’s exterior

The condition of your car’s exterior will determine whether your customer will be attracted or repelled. Give your car a nice washing, removing all traces of dirt. Remember to buff all minor scratches on the exterior. Grease the hinges of the door. Replace damaged headlights and taillights.  Check the gas cap, replace it if it is worn out otherwise clean it properly. Fill the tires with air.

Cleaning the car’s interior

Spend some time and a few bucks to clean your car. Clean and wash the upholsteries and seats. Remove traces of dirt, papers and other small discarded items that might be lying inside your car. Clean the dashboard, glasses and carpets. Mend any loose handle, dome light. Check the audio system, air conditioner and switches. Check the seat belts.

Check the car’s engine

It pays to hire a mechanic to check your car’s engine thoroughly and fix problematic parts of the engine. Clean the batteries and if possible replace them. Remove all traces of dirt that might have accumulated in the engine.


Take some beautiful pictures of the car and include them with the word contents of your advertisements. You can place an ad in the classified column of your local newspaper. The online forums are great places to advertise your used car. There are a number of websites devoted to used car sales.


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