Tips to Select a Necktie

tie Necktie is an important part of formal dressing code. Therefore, you should choose your tie with utmost care. Here are some tips that would help you to choose the right tie.

Match your suit
To be impeccably dressed, the color, texture and material of your necktie should match your shirt and the jacket of your suit. Remember to bring your jacket and shirt on a necktie-shopping trip. Opt for a tie whose material and color match your suit.

Tie should be cut on the bias
Many of us are not aware of this characteristic of the necktie. A good necktie is one that is cut on the bias. This means that the necktie is cut diagonally along the threads of the material. To see whether a tie is cut on the bias, hold the narrow end of the tie in the air, a tie cut on the bias will hang straight. If you see the tie turning round, do not buy it, as it is not cut on the bias and it will not hang down straight, always turning round, producing an ugly appearance.

Quality of the tie
Always select a good quality tie. Your tie should not have any loose ends. Carefully check up to 30 cm up from the wide end, as this is the most visible portion of your necktie.

Length of the tie
The length of the tie should match your height. A tall person needs a long necktie. If you prefer tying wide knots, go for a long tie. The tip of the wide end of an ideal tie should reach your belt. If possible, try the tie in the store, before buying it.

Match your shirt’s collar
The collar of your shirt should completely cover your tie, so that no portion of it should be jutting out from underneath the collar. You should opt for a wide tie knot with a wide collared shirt and likewise for a narrow collared shirt your knot should be slim. To check whether your tie matches your shirt’s collar, check whether the width of the narrow part of the tie is slightly small that the width of your shirt’s collar.


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