Tips to Say “SORRY”

say-sorry It takes years to create a relationship but minutes to break it. A small misunderstanding can have a serious adverse effect on your most possessed relationship. Thus, it is always good to speak out your mind to your near and dear one and to keep nothing suppressed inside your hearts.

Saying sorry to someone will never make you small. When you are saying sorry to someone, it is essential that you should feel the same within. Before you decide to say sorry think of the damage you done to the person you are apologizing. Place yourself in his/ her shoes to feel the same. This will help you value the person’s feelings. Talk to the person directly. Try not to bit around the bush. Stick to the topic, which has caused the conflict. Do not give lame excuses to defend yourself.

You need to acknowledge the damage you have caused to the person with your words or actions that has now compelled you to say sorry. Admit your fault. Make him/her realize that your repentance is directly from your heart.

Make a direct statement as if “I am sorry” or “I apologize” in order show your apology. This step is extremely essential. A true sorry directly from heart can melt many stone hearts in no time. Thus, it is a good practice to say sorry when you are wrong and you know it.

Finally, you should ask for an apology from the giver. This will make you feel relieved and the person you have wronged will become lighter at heart. Getting an apology helps in removing all the ill feeling within a relationship.

Some of us might feel really hard to admit our faults directly. If you are among them, the best option for you is to write it down and give to the person concerned. The person will understand that you are ashamed and cannot face him directly. This will soften him and he will surely forgive you.

You can also give the concerned person a sorry card with an appropriate message suiting your situation. Flowers and small gifts are also good things to be given to the person you want to say sorry to as a token of your apology. These small gestures will help you to get an apology that you had desired for long. So, go and reach out to the person you are at fault and say an effective “SORRY” from your heart.

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